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Bao Long, Late Groom to marry Xu An An

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Bao Long, Late Groom to marry Xu An An

Bao Long, Jerry Yan doesn't wish to step into the marriage church with newcomer, Xu An An, being a late groom not of his choice. On the right side, Xu An An might have fufilled the dreams of many girls, marrying their idol but she's afraid if might cause a commotion so she can only marry him in a low profiled manner.
Zhong Shi's new drama, The Hospital which is done in slow motion finally ended the fliming at Nei Hu after the marriage scene. The scene was describing Jerry marrying the woman he loves. Because of this, the fliming crew got last minute extras to act as guests of that scene. At the same time, they took extra precaution to ensure no other people enter the place. Fans who even specially brought babies to tan ban was blocked at the door and can only see their idol getting married from far.
Yesterday, Jerry and Xu An An acted out the marriage show. With the request of Director Cai, Jerry ran up and down the staircase at the church. not being able to rush to the correct moment. He's definately a hunk, Jerry was extremely handsome in his wedding suit and Xu An An who was acting across him got the light from him as well. She almost forgot her lines during fliming, and was afraid of being killed by Jerry's fans. During the last few screens, Jerry couldn't help but gave Director Cai a big hug to celebrate the end of their work. Seeing that Jerry do have the little rabbit side of him.
Earlier on, F4's concert did not pass through because of The Hospital. As The Hospital's fliming could not be controlled, they're management company couldn't decide on a date. Yesterday, after the ending where Jerry acted as a late groom, they celebrated the completed fliming and management company heave a sigh of relieve as well, making preparations for the coming concert.

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25th Feb 2006

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