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Jerry practices hot dances with 4 women
at the F4 concert rehearsals
Zaizai's high energy caused his nose to bleed

source: TW Apple Daily
March 17, 2006
Translated by Jerry's Kingdom Message Board. Thank you for the credits

With less than a week for their concert, F4 recently has each been fully occupied in practicing their numbers in the rehearsals, and yesterday, they made a rehearsal show in front of the media. Among the biggest surprize is Vic Zhou (Zai Zai), braving in from his girlfriend Da S's jealousy,as he sweet dances with a female dancer, and Jerry Yan (Bao Long) closely-entwined with 4 women, in very fiery hot moves.
Zai Zai rarely shows himself closely sweet dancing with a female dancer. Concert supervisor Zhi Xiang Li felt satisfied with his performance, " He wishes to throw off his clothes, thus expressing courage against his girlfriend's anger. " In the rehearsals, there was a time when because of too much of playing high moves, Zai Zai's nose bled, that really frightened everyone.

Lin Zhi Ling might show up
Earlier, Bao Long got his throat infection, and after following his doctor's advise to take medicines and then taking the fans' stewed soup broth and tonics, his health is gradually recovering. All performers who would have concerts all go on a diet. However, in Jerry's case, because he want his body to appear in good shape, he is recently increasing his weight. Earlier, LZL already expressed that she wants to go to Hong Kong and see F4 perform. Zhi Xiang Li said, " The sponsors had provided F4 the free PR tickets for their friends, so I dont know whom of their friends they would like to bring."

Vanness' strong memory
Vaness Wu has the strongest dance talent. For the concert, he will come up with high Hip Hop street dances, his strongest forte and his best talent. Rehearsing didnt take too much time, only memorizing the choreographers' names and warmly welcoming the target audience, and also suddenly boasting his dancing skills like that of Rain's. He also promised that he would come up with even more interesting dance moves for the the concert day. As to having many hot numbers, he would have to see their fan's response. As to Ken Zhu, he said that he would keep his dance moves a secret. However, according to sources, he is the one who will not have long dance numbers among the F4. Still, he will use his expertise in his own style of music. This time, the concert will be from March 22 to 25 to be held at the Hong Kan Colesium in Hong Kong.

"F4 FOREVER 4 2006 Concert" will be held this 22nd to the 25th day of this month at the Hong Kan Stadium Hong Kong, and among F4's detailed plans for their numbers, they laughed when they said that they wish their numbers will be twice splendid with crazy strong dances.
Vanness chose modern HIP HOP street dances, Zai ZAi only playing handsome with a female dancer's touches, throw his clothes off as he dances until everyone would scream , and Jerry's oozing sex appeal in a hot sexy dances with female dancers. Ken Zhu only said that he would keep his performances a sccret and laughed when he said that he can surely cause everyone to brighten up now.

The other day, the four specially came to Hong Kong to discreetly practice their dance steps. Vanness has always loved dancing, and he wore a sleeveless shirt when he rehearsed, with his prominent healthy hard muscles, many female dancers cant help but to be electrified. In addition, Vanness even more polished his steps with the choreograper for a few more minutes, and can immediately recall all the dancers' names, causing all dancers to be alarmed , plus everyone can see Vanness' hands nimbled. One dancer commented that his dancing skill is just like the Korean idol Rain. This is because Vanness is lately been practicing with Lin Gao Shuo and he said that he would have more interesting dance moves for the concert, if it is intense or not, only those who will see it could judge by themselves.

Jerry's fans brought him soup broth

As to what are the few dances of Zai Zai, Concert supervisor said that for the first time, he will be in a big hot dance number. When he was first rehearsing, he was still shy, and didnt allow any female dancer to touch him. Later, after the dance choreographer guided him, he was able to release his inhibitions, and now would want the female dancer to get even more closer. In one rehersal, Zai Zai injured his own nose becuase of too much moves, causing the staff to be very worried. Luckily, the bleeding stopped soon after that.

Jerry was very thankful for the fans' soup broths that his throat has already no big obstructions. Jerry said that since earlier on, his fans knew about his throat condition. and immediately brought him crystal sugars, stewed snow pears, throat candies and so on that made his throat immediately recover. In addition, as performers who have concerts undergo dieting to get a leaner body, Jerry took the opposite and said that he is trying hard to increase his weight, because his earlier shootings made him too thin.

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