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Jerry Yan denys splitting after concert

Jerry Yan denys splitting after concert

Recently, there were news that F4 would be splitting in a low profiled way after the concert. Yesterday, Jerry denied this news and said they would be proving they are not splitting with action, relieving the fans.
Yesterday, Jerry attended Pepsi New Stars Music Training Camp press conference. The new stars of Pepsi who came from different countries and areas were being arranged to go through professional lessons for 4 days in a row. Jolin Tsai would be rehersing with them for New Stars Jin Ge Jing Qu. Afterwhich, there would be Nicholas Tse and Louis Khoo.
Jerry, who just arrived from Shanghai to Hong Kong was wearing a whole black sports suit yesterday to be the judge to pick out 3 winners from the contestants. The 20 new stars basically had 20 seconds to make a introduction of themselves. Many of them did rap, sing and many others. One of them even did a backwards jump down the stage and almost hit Jerry, scaring him. There was even this female fan who sang Jerry's songs, scoring more points. Afterwhich, Jerry announced the results with a high ranked Pepsi female. When he placed his hand on her back while upstage, it made the people scream. Jerry expressed that he failed during a model competition when he was 18 because he was too nervous and praised that the Pepsi New Star's were better than him.
Rumours of the splitted F4 and gossips of them splitting up in a low profiled way after the concert, Jerry explained, "No, previously, everyone said we have separated but we're still together, we'll prove with action that we're not separated." Have ever proved of the splitting up thingy ? No. Afraid that it'll affect the ticket sales ? There's no such thing.
Jerry would be in Hong Kong for 2 days to flim some pictures for Pepsi. He laughed he would be bald and said he didn't mind a sexy image. He said, " But, that will have to wait till i have a better figure. I'm abit thinner now, no muscles."

Thanks to Singtao.
22nd Feb 2006

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