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Jerry Yan Loses his Voice, Mischeviously shows handsigns & Victory Sign

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taiwan airport report

Jerry Yan Loses his Voice, Mischeviously shows handsigns & Victory Sign

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F4's concert would be held in HK during month end. Yesterday, Jerry Yan arrived in HK with a whole big group of people. His throat infection which caused him his voice, was still similing and doing handsigns when he faced the 30 fans who recieved him at the airport. He did many mischevious little actions non-stop, making fans scream, "So cute!!"
Jerry yesterday took the 1pm flight to HK. Just his baggage alone, there were already 6. His assistant Fenny expressed, in order for rehersals and practising of dance steps, they are staying for half a month. Jerry packed lots of clothes for in case as he was worried, some are even brought over by their crew.
Earlier on, because of his throat infection that caused him to lose his voice, he was still in causal clothes and stayed in the nanny's car, appearing only after his assistant finished the immigration matters.
Near to 30 fans was waiting for him 2 hours before, there were even fans from Japan who specially flew in to see him. Seeing Jerry wearing only a tee-shirt and jacket walking in the cold wind, they expressed heart-broken, "It's so cold today and you're wearing so little." Jerry smiled and nodded his head to show he wasn't cold, noting the doctor's words, not citing a word. When he saw fans taking out their cameras to take photographs, he even showed the victory handsign.
The moment Jerry walked from the airport's door to the immigrations, fans followed tight and was concerned about him as well, "Is your throat better? Don't speak, just nod or shake your head to answer." Jerry nodded his head to make sure his fans will not worry. Before he went into the customs, fans gathered at the door to bid farewell to Jerry. Jerry seemed to stop and mischeviously showed the handsigns of listening to the phone. He used the lip sync manner with no sound coming out to ask his fans, "Will you all be going to the concert ?"His fans purposely spoke loudly, "Yes !" Jerry got the message, showed his charming smile and waved goodbye, making fans scream and said, "So cute!!"
His assistant, Fenny revealed, the doctor wants Jerry to keep his mouth shut for 2 weeks, he don't even pick up phone calls recently. His mom would make tonics for him everyday to help his throat and even bought cough syrup from a famous old shop. The management company have also recieved boxes and boxes of tonics from HK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, hoping to see Jerry recover soon.
F4 would be gathering together after 4 years, their HK's Forever 4's concert in Hong Kan is watched by people. A VIP seat ticket which is priced at HKD480 is being auctioned on the net till it was HKD1200 per ticket, very hot market.
F4's Vanness Wu and Ken Chu have already arrived in HK while Jerry also arrived yesterday. Adding on Vic Chou who would be coming tomorrow, F4 will be reunited in HK, starting this long half a month practising of dance steps and rehersals. Yesterday, Jerry brought something along, as it was too big, it was asked to be sent. His previous manager, concert in charge, Zhi Xiang Li revealed, "Jerry would be playing a piano solo at the concert. He already had the basics but the performance feel would definately be different."
Zhi Xiang Li said, F4 have made half a month out for practice and each day, they would be practising for 8 hours in order to add on to the personal style. Vanness's dance, Ken's vocals, Vic's acting will all be potrayed well in the concert. He laughed and said, compared to the concert 4 years ago which was only a fun time together, the concert on the 22nd to 25th of March in HK would be a real and genuine concert.
Although there were rumours of their popularity going downwards, but their most expensive tickets have already been sold out. There is even a black market on the net which the ticket is sold at double the price, giving a relieve jab for the concert.

Thanks to Lian He Bao.
13th March 2006

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