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[5/15]YCX Bought About NT$14,000 Worth Of Books For Improving His English

[5/15]YCX Bought About NT$14,000 Worth Of Books For Improving His English
Date: May 15, 2006
Source: TW Apple Daily
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When F4 was interviewed by CNN awhile ago, due to his poor English, for the whole time, he could only say "Just Dvd" with a silly smile. May be because of this impact, recently, he is taking English lessons and practising oral English. Two days ago, he even bought NT$13,948 worth of English books at Cheng Pin Bookstore. No matter reading the articles or reviewing the pictures, his hard work is admired.

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2006 5/14 9:14pm
Yan Cheng Xu was shopping at Cheng Pin Bookstore with a friend wearing a baseball cap.

Two nights ago, Jerry shopped at Cheng Pin Bookstore with a male friend wearing a baseball cap, black tee shirt, and loose sporty pants. As he wore his cap low, he dressed casually, and he didn't fix his hair, his "casual" look was hardly recognized as the "Ten Thousand People's Addiction" Jerry. However, his star quality still couldn't be completely hidden due to his tall nose and handsome chin.

A while ago, when he was interviewed by CNN and he was asked what he usually did at home after being famous, he hardly opened his mouth except saying a phrase "Just Dvd". When the host chatted with F3 and they laughed together for something interesting, Jerry looked lost and he didn't start smiling until he realized that others were laughing nonstop. That was slightly embarrassing.

His assistant, Fenny, explained that Jerry did not behave as good as expected was only because he was too nervous. Two nights ago, this reporter found out that he is very interested in English books. When he read some English fashion design books next to the cash register and when he saw some National Geographic Magazine dvds ordered by other people on the counter, he also wanted to buy some home. When he reviewed those items, he got very excited, and he even protruded his tongue and swallowed like being thirsty.

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Yan Cheng Xu was waiting to pay at the cash register.

Bought five bags of books in half an hour

As the whole set of dvds costs about NT$30,000 and it was not available in stock, he didn't buy it at the end. After staying in the bookstore for less than half an hour, he spent NT$13,948 and bought five bags of book home. Don't know whether he did this as he wants to clear his reputation of having poor English?

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He bought NT$13,948 worth of books.

Frequently trains his body and has gained 2 kgs

Recently, Jerry has taken a break after finishing his work. Other than learning English, he also frequently spends time at the fitness center. His good body figure was even praised by someone on the web who has seen at the center. Fanny indicates, "He has gained 2 kgs. He looks very healthy. In addition, he has been released from the "No Speaking" order, and he has learned how to voice in the correct way and how to take good care of his vocal cord. His hard work may really lead him to be a superstar who has wisdom to be successful both internally and externally.

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