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Xu An An on Jerry Yan Claims Su Tai Tai, Popular grip

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Xu An An on Jerry Yan Claims Su Tai Tai, Popular grip

After Xu An An exposed her wedding pictures of The Hospital with Jerry Yan in her blog, she immediately got many Jerry fans interested and people visiting her blog shot up but she was said as frying up news. Person in charge of show said, "Why is it on the net ?" Xu An An said innocently, "Isn't a blog to write personal feelings ?"

Ever since The Hospital started filming and ended. All news by the crew were handled seriously as Jerry was a international superstar. Thus, last week, when Xu An An's revealed the pictures in her blog , it caught people by suprise.

Especially when she claimed her Su Tai Tai, causing lots of messages by Jerry fans and was the 5 times the amount of people viewing her profile.

It was actually nothing to place her working and daily life pictures on her blog, but this matter of showing her pictures with Jerry seemed a little too serious. Peson in charge of the show got to know and was surprised. As to Xu An An saying she is Su Tai Tai, person in charge said, "Maybe she is too engrossed in the role and cant get out of it." According to what is known, Jerry have got to know about it but did not reply.

Xu An An denied that posting the pictures online was to start news. She said innocently, " I didn't write any behind the scenes, it was only a life picture, not a picture from the drama."

She admitted that durin filming, she used to find the distance between them. But, after that, they had the same things to talk about because of games and , " Always bet on losing and winning, but there was nothing."

Was she too engrossed in the show ? She said, "I admitted i thought of him that was why i wrote about my feelings."
Thanks to Appledaily.
5th May 2006

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