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Translated News 6/26

TW Apple (Jun. 26, 2006)
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On June 26, TW Apple Daily had an article about this event [Stars Night with JY]. According to the staff at the restaurant, the whole program will last for about three hours. The first hour will be some Chinese singing and dance show. The second hour will be performed by Agnes Monica. Then Jerry will perform the last part. He will sing three songs and interact with fans and audiences. The whole restaurant can hold about 180 tables. It seems like some Japanese fans may go to Indonesia to support Jerry. According to this reporter who obtained information from Fanny, Jerry rarely accepts invitation to perform in commercial shows. This time, he accepted the invitation mainly because he has not seen his fans in Indonesia for 4 years. In addition, he also wants to use this opportunity to draw more donation for the Tsunami victims. Details are still under discussion.

NOW (Japan)
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Jerry at the MIA Advertisment PhotoShoot

Jerry at the MIA Advertisment PhotoShoot

According to the July 19 posted message of Ai Wei of, last June 13 in the afternoon, she was at Jerry's MIA pictorial location. Jerry was inside the exclusive dressing room to wear his costume and when he came out, she managed to look only a little of his body, walked out towards her side, and started shooting for MIA. During the break, she asked jerry if he had something to say to the family, and hoped that he can have free time to be with everybody in the site and see his message. He said, " I thank everybody's support. I'll see you." Because there is not much time, that is all he said.

Jerry already completed the CF filming and the commercial is estimated to be aired by July. She heard from MIA that they wanted Jerry to wear in the commercial the clothes from another MIA company, the E6D2 shop along Ren Ai Rd.

Advance notice: From July 1-31, at the outside pillar in 116 Cheng Pin, there will be a super large newest Jerry picture.

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i think it's June 19 not July 19

Jerry Steps across the seas to help children study

Jerry Steps across the seas to help children study
Fans consolidate to set up Chun Lei Classes
as Jerry donates $250,000 again

Source: Apple Daily

the students:

Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) fans of mainland China had pooled together Y45,000 (approximately NT$180,000) in Chongqing to set up its first "Jerry Yan Chun Lei Class". 50 out-of-school children has been provided with financial assistance at the Chun Lei Class and will now graduate today. Yesterday, Jerry encouraged these children to work hard to continue studying, and again discreetly donated NT$250,000 to be added to the setting up of the second "Chun Lei Class" in Mongolia, letting love go on spreading!

Jerry had always been low-profiled. On his birthday three years ago, he directed to his fans "You must not spend money on me, you must use it to the needy people instead." Jerry fans offered their love for Jerry in Chongqing in Dan Lin Zhen to set up " Chun Lei Class", providing financial assistance to out-of-school children, feeling love close to their hearts again.

Mongolia Children recieved benefits

After he learned on his fan's loving hearts, he even joined them and donated money to be included in the setting up of the second "Jerry Yan Chun Lei Class" in Mongolia. On his birthday this year, Jerry fans responded to his call to join them, and besides sending educational materials, activity books, he also sent special velvet jackets as a gift for each of the students, to let everyone be warm for the winter. This "birthday gift" is extremely warm. Apart from financial assistance, Jerry fans actively facilitated him with "Chun Lei Class" picture of each student for him to see. This February when he was in Shanghai for the Oral B event, Jerry fans arranged the Chun Lei Class Monitor JiaJia to meet Jerry, where she held a flower basket to give to Jerry, and also bringing the picture of each of the students and thank you notes saying " Ge Ge Ah Xu, Thank you for giving us an opportunity and wish for tomorrow." letting Jerry be moved that he could hardly say words to describe.

Stepping across the seas to congratulate them on their graduation, the first Chun Lei Class graduated yesterday, He stepped across the seas to encourage everyone, "To the children of Chun Lei Class, I feel very happy to hear that everyone are graduating, and feel sorry I cant be there to share this moment with all of you. Last time, after I had met JiaJia, I had learned a little and a lot about the class. After the graduation, everybody must all continue studying. Jia You!"

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Chasing A Star and Preserving a Race Happens at Chun Lei Class
June 16, 2006
translated by jerry's kingdom

Jerry Yan's 50 primary pupils of Chun Lei Class recently graduated.

Three years ago, Hua Long TV asked some 60,000-strong fans of Taiwan's singing star Jerry Yan, coming from all over the world, for a charity event at the Ou's Dan Lin Zhen School. This month, on th 9th. they followed up on the two grade 6 classes-- for Jerry's 50 Chun Lei Class Graduation. Yesterday, children literally hurried up to make it to the June 18 graduation celebrations, to prepare presents for Jerry fans delegates who will come and congratulate them.

Yesterday, a 12-year old boy Li Jian made hi own drawing "The Concert" to express his thanks to the elder sisters and elder brother he never met, but had continously provided them financial assistance. Because of the Jerry fans' donation, his increasing tuition fees as he goes to a higher grade level, starting from his Grade 4 level up when he reached Grade Six, about 200 yuan per semester was reduced. He told the reporter, that a Chengdu Jerry Fan Elder Sister Ms. Ma promised to him: If he would graduate among the Top 3 in his class, he would immediately be provided with a university scholarship all throughout his college.

Last Feb 12, their class monitor Chen Jia Jia, with the Jerry fans as guide, rode an airplane bound to Shanghai to meet Jerry. Coming from a small town whose villigers seldom reaches the urban areas, she was the envy of most of her classmates and even said, "The outside world is ver splendid, I must study harder, so in the future, I can change my own hometown's plight. "

For three years, Chun Lei Class teacher-in-charge Teacher Liang Li and the Jerry fans already became good friends. They always give to children urgently needing charcoal during the snow. 24-year old Liang Li said that Jerry fans actually "is a positive example of using actions to chase a star and set up a race , even more to make an real outmost significance for the society. "

"Sisters seeing the graduation going smoothly, we feel very happy and excited," a 23-year old Chongqing Jerry fan said when she was asked by the reporter for her comments. Pooling donations for the poor students started last January 1, 2003. "Everyone didnt want to waste money on buying Jerry a present, and wanted to use it to those needy of assistance. Thus, the fans used the Most Loveable International Jerry Yan Family name to donate to 53 primary puplis of Dan Lin Zhen School. Presently, it is also only at the Jerry Yan Chen Lei Class that a star's name is used in a schoolclass in the whole country. " She revealed that from now on, every three years, they will set up a Jerry Yan Chun Lei Class to encourage poor and pretty good students to study.

Yan's" footage video on his feelings was shown, that led LZL to cry at the scene

Source: TVBSN
June 12, 2006

JK Note: for the clip of this interview w/ LZL , please log on to the IM VLOG blog site of Action for Jerry at

"Yan's" footage video on his feelings was shown, that led LZL to cry at the scene.

With rumors on "thousands of fans" Jerry Yan, Taiwan's first model Lin Zhi Lin, eventhough she had not directly talked about her feelings on Jerry, however, when she was in a local TV show the other day, and when a video footage of Jerry talking about his feelings was shown, she unexpectedly cried at the scene, causing the rumors to appear even more real than imaginary.

LZL repeatedly accepted local interviews in the past few days. With regards to the program's sudden showing of the Jerry interview footage, LZL just lightly said, "For me, if I really have a boyfriend, I certainly wish that he would look after my mom." Just after these words, she immediately bursted into tears, that even the host also got teary-eyed. The host then asked her again if Jerry can pursue her. LZL said," I really dont have time for that" (Did you try to pursue him?) I pursue him? I still havent got my card number yet, too many girls like him."

(HK Sun )

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LZL and Baolong's Love Has Changed

[6/5]LZL and Baolong's Love Has Changed
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From "Good Friend" To "Unfamiliar"

Summary: When Ms. Lin attended a endorsement activity days ago, she indicates that she wants to be courted everyday. When asked about how's her love with Baolong, she answered that no one asked her this question any more. Therefore, the reporter assumed that her relationship with Jerry has changed, their "love" has lessened, and their relationship has changed from "Good Friends" to "Unfamiliar".
Credit: Mamy
Newspaper scan of Liberty
Liberty Times (TW)
Mingpao, Singpao, and Singtao have transferred the same news to HK. Mingpao even added that they have seperated for two months. Really admire these reporters' creativity! From "No one asked me this question any more", they can conclude one's love life status and how long one has been single.
Credit: Kamping
Newspaper scans of Mingpao, Singpao, and Singtao
Mingpao (HK)
Singpao (HK)
Singtao (HK)

my_misyel: love mingpao for being so creative and imaginative!bwahahaha!