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Jerry at the MIA Advertisment PhotoShoot

Jerry at the MIA Advertisment PhotoShoot

According to the July 19 posted message of Ai Wei of, last June 13 in the afternoon, she was at Jerry's MIA pictorial location. Jerry was inside the exclusive dressing room to wear his costume and when he came out, she managed to look only a little of his body, walked out towards her side, and started shooting for MIA. During the break, she asked jerry if he had something to say to the family, and hoped that he can have free time to be with everybody in the site and see his message. He said, " I thank everybody's support. I'll see you." Because there is not much time, that is all he said.

Jerry already completed the CF filming and the commercial is estimated to be aired by July. She heard from MIA that they wanted Jerry to wear in the commercial the clothes from another MIA company, the E6D2 shop along Ren Ai Rd.

Advance notice: From July 1-31, at the outside pillar in 116 Cheng Pin, there will be a super large newest Jerry picture.

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i think it's June 19 not July 19

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