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LZL and Baolong's Love Has Changed

[6/5]LZL and Baolong's Love Has Changed
credits to kkla @

From "Good Friend" To "Unfamiliar"

Summary: When Ms. Lin attended a endorsement activity days ago, she indicates that she wants to be courted everyday. When asked about how's her love with Baolong, she answered that no one asked her this question any more. Therefore, the reporter assumed that her relationship with Jerry has changed, their "love" has lessened, and their relationship has changed from "Good Friends" to "Unfamiliar".
Credit: Mamy
Newspaper scan of Liberty
Liberty Times (TW)
Mingpao, Singpao, and Singtao have transferred the same news to HK. Mingpao even added that they have seperated for two months. Really admire these reporters' creativity! From "No one asked me this question any more", they can conclude one's love life status and how long one has been single.
Credit: Kamping
Newspaper scans of Mingpao, Singpao, and Singtao
Mingpao (HK)
Singpao (HK)
Singtao (HK)

my_misyel: love mingpao for being so creative and imaginative!bwahahaha!

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