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Translated News 6/26

TW Apple (Jun. 26, 2006)
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On June 26, TW Apple Daily had an article about this event [Stars Night with JY]. According to the staff at the restaurant, the whole program will last for about three hours. The first hour will be some Chinese singing and dance show. The second hour will be performed by Agnes Monica. Then Jerry will perform the last part. He will sing three songs and interact with fans and audiences. The whole restaurant can hold about 180 tables. It seems like some Japanese fans may go to Indonesia to support Jerry. According to this reporter who obtained information from Fanny, Jerry rarely accepts invitation to perform in commercial shows. This time, he accepted the invitation mainly because he has not seen his fans in Indonesia for 4 years. In addition, he also wants to use this opportunity to draw more donation for the Tsunami victims. Details are still under discussion.

NOW (Japan)
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