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Yan's" footage video on his feelings was shown, that led LZL to cry at the scene

Source: TVBSN
June 12, 2006

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"Yan's" footage video on his feelings was shown, that led LZL to cry at the scene.

With rumors on "thousands of fans" Jerry Yan, Taiwan's first model Lin Zhi Lin, eventhough she had not directly talked about her feelings on Jerry, however, when she was in a local TV show the other day, and when a video footage of Jerry talking about his feelings was shown, she unexpectedly cried at the scene, causing the rumors to appear even more real than imaginary.

LZL repeatedly accepted local interviews in the past few days. With regards to the program's sudden showing of the Jerry interview footage, LZL just lightly said, "For me, if I really have a boyfriend, I certainly wish that he would look after my mom." Just after these words, she immediately bursted into tears, that even the host also got teary-eyed. The host then asked her again if Jerry can pursue her. LZL said," I really dont have time for that" (Did you try to pursue him?) I pursue him? I still havent got my card number yet, too many girls like him."

(HK Sun )

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