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The Hospital Premier, Jerry Fans Buys Up all Tickets

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The Hospital Premier, Jerry Fans Buys Up all Tickets

Jerry Yan's charm cannot be stopped. A charity premier of The Hospital is selling one ticket at 2000(TW) dollars and 1164 tickets were sold in 2 days. Some fans even bought 200 tickets at one go, showing the wealth of Jerry fans, making it hard for other F4 fans to follow back to back. A friend of Jerry pointed out that, even though his relationship with Lin Zhi Ling have faded, the back of his car still has a dog cage, just that coffee's appearence isn't seen anymore.

The Hospital would be holding its charity premier on the 13th of August 2006. A ticket that cost 2000 dollars included the pictorial book and T-shirt. However, it sold 1164 tickets just 2 days after it was opened for sale. The charity organisation have already recieved 232 8000 dollars, with fans asking for more.

Person in charge said, after it opened for sales on the 20th, many calls came in asking about it. After 2 days when half the seats , 1164 tickets were sold, there were fans calling in to complain they couldn't get tickets. Currently, they are considering to add seats. Some seats that were supposed to be only sold on that day itself might be opened for sale earlier on the 5th of August.

The spending issue of Jerry fans are shocking. Just Japanese fans, they have already formed a 250 person tour group to attend this premier in Taiwan and also for a holiday. Korean, HK and Asia Pacific's fans have also arranged to come and see their idol in Taiwan. Recently, Jerry who just returned from a Indonesia concert was spotted with a mini dog cage at the back of his car. The length and width of the cage was similar to the poodle, Coffee that he gave to Lin Zhi Ling. Looks like even though their relationship have faded, Jerry still thinks about her and even keeps the dog cage.

Thanks to Lian He Bao.
27th July 2006

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