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Jerry Yan's new series rights gained a total of 50,000,000

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Jerry Yan's new series rights gained a total of 50,000,000

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(Xing Dao) Jerry Yan concentrates very much on filming , although the series has already finished its production, but there are many post-productions to review, an example is the poster, a few days back Jerry shot for the poster until morning, having to pose and change moves, it was very tiring. Director Cai stated, the poster¡¦s theme is [Treasure], to be able to show the connection with the series, it encourages everybody to treasure the people around you.

will pilot this August and it was known that the rights were selling like hotcakes in different countries such as Japan, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, North America and other countries as well. Selling for 20,000USD per episode (approx. 150,000HKD), all 38 episodes were sold to 8 countries summing up to 200,000,000NT$ (approx. 50,000,000HKD), producers admitted that most of them only saw the first episode and immediately decided to buy the rights for the series, the reason behind this is that aside from the good production, they were surprised by Jerry Yan's breakthrough in acting!

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