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"The Male Who Is Most-Wanted To Hug"

credit: Kat, Michelleung, and bgr of
translated and summarized by kkla
"The Male Who Is Most-Wanted To Hug"

It was a survey done by a Japanese tv station.
Target: 10,000 18 - 25 yr. old females

Jerry is at No. 133, not bad (Jerry is ranked the best among all the Chinese artistes)

the whole list:

By Michelleung, Kat, and bgr
Other artists from TW/HK/Korea:

No. 60 Kwon Sang Woo
No. 100 Won Bin
No. 144 Takeshi Kaneshiro
No. 175 Lee Byung Hun
No. 193 Chang Dongon
No. 264 Zhou Yu Min (Zaizai)
No. 269 Andy Lau/Jackie Chan
No. 299 Se7en/Pe Yonjun/Rain
No. 454 Edison Chen
No. 618 Tony Leung/Jet Li/Nicolas Tse

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