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Warning: I think you have the right to know, that's why I summarized the following gossips from TW Next Magazine and China Times Weekly Magazine (both are gossip-entertainment magazines in TW). It is up to you to believe it or not, or to determine how much you should believe in it. However, please bear it mind that even the artists in TW said if the entertainment news in the newspapers and magazines had 20 to 50% truth in it, they would be satisified. As a Jerry's fan, I only believe in what's from Jerry's mouth.

1. TW Next Magazine (Jun. 28, 2006)
Title: His road of going solo is not smooth
Yan Cheng Xu has lost to F3
Summary: Each member of F4 has earned TW$2 millions per concert for the HK concerts in March. It is planned to have the worldtour concerts after that. However, as Yan Cheng Xu claimed to have a full schedule and he has no time for any other concerts, therefore, the whole plan is on hold.
kkla's comments: From the clip of Jerry's words at the time of the HK concerts released by F4ever's site, we all can see that Jerry was very excited to bring the HK concerts to other countries, especially Japan and Korea. Some fans were lucky enough to talk to Jerry when he went back to TW right after he finished the HK concerts. At that time, he said that the planned F4 concerts in Japan were cancelled, as three members of F4 were scheduled to have new work right after the HK concerts, such as Zai's filming Angie Chai's drama and Vanness' promotion with Kangta, etc... Mr. Zhi also claimed that at that time, Zai, Ken, and Jerry all needed to film dramas right after the HK concerts, that's why the other F4 concerts were cancelled/postponed. According to fan who knows some of the production companies in other countries, one reason of not having other worldtour concerts at this time mainly is that FL is asking for too high of a talent fee. As I discussed with others in another site, the best location to have F4 concerts is Japan, as F4 in Japan is super hot now, but in other countries, F4's markets have shrinked in some extent, as they have been out for years but with FL's bad management, it has not helped with their popularity, so some production companies are not willing to pay for the talent fee FL is asking for. So, is it fair to blame everything just on Jerry now?

Summary con't:
F3 are busy and Bao Long is free

Other than the plan of the worldtour concerts, it was also planned to release F4's third album. According to F4's agent, Zhi Xiang Li, said, "There was plan to release F4's third album before HK's concerts and they would perform the new songs in the concerts. However, time was too short and the reasons are hard to explain, but each of F3 has finished recording his two solo songs before the concerts." He meant that only Yan Cheng Xu did not finish recording his part.
kkla's comments: Regarding F4's third album, in order to be released on time, FL should have had a better planning, as FL should know that Jerry's schedule has been busy since he started filming in July, 2005. Why everything needs to wait until the last minute when FL had planned F4's 5-yr. anniversary activities since 2005, so it can earn more money using F4's name? We all know that money is not that important to Jerry when compared to the quality of work bearing his name, and we all know that Jerry's voice was broken due to his long hour work and not enough rest before the concerts, then how could he record the songs chosen by FL to just make fast money? As "F4's" agent, I am very disappointed with Mr. Zhi's answer which doesn't protect all members of F4.
Summary con't:: However, after finishing filiming The Hospital for months, Yan Cheng Xu didn't have any new jobs. His popularity is not as high as F3, as F3 are busy with their new jobs, such as Zai is fliming AC's drama, he will also film a movie directed by HK director Du Qi Feng, and he will start preparing his new solo album soon. Ken will film "Chu Liu Xiang" soon and promote "City Of Sky" and "Far East Asia Trial"(kkla: sorry if this is not the official name). Vanness has formed a new band. He is promoting his new band's new album "Scandal". He will have 3 concerts in Japan and he will release his solo album in October.
Realizing that F3 are so busy, on the other hand, Yan Cheng Xu has pushed FL to have other worldtour concerts soon, so he can fill his wallet with more money. However, it seems like Yan Cheng Xu's wish to have more worldtour concerts can't be filfilled this year. So far, he has only accepted invitation of a show in Indonesia.
kkla's comments: In March, Jerry claimed that he would take a 3-month break after the filming of TH and HK concerts, unless the F4 concerts in Japan went through. His agent also claimed in March that Jerry might not accept another invitation to film another drama unless there would be good director and wonderful script. Long before the final candidate of "Chu Liu Xiang" was announced, Jerry's agent had released the information of Jerry's not accepting the invitation to play the character even though he was voted as the no. 1 candidate to play the character in a survey. In conclusion, an artist's popularity is not necessarily determined by how many work that artist has, especially when that artist has pubicly announced of having a vacation. I hate to compare Jerry with F3, but I won't hesitate to defend Jerry. No matter how FL made this reporter to release an article like this (some suspected that the existence of this article is the result of some stimulation from HK this week), fact is better than one thousand words, profit making companies, like Pepsi, of course know who is the most popular and who has the best market values. Actually, F3 should thank Jerry, as I have never seen FL be so hardworking on F3's work plans, except Zai's (FL's big boss even brought him to join director Du Qi Feng's celebration party when he went to TW for the Golden Horse Award last year).

Summary con't:
According to information, Yan Cheng Xu's talent fee for the show in Indonesia is around US$100,000 to US$120,000. Yan Cheng Xu's agent, Fenny, also confirmed that he has this plan to perform in Indonesia. However, there are gossips that Yan Cheng Xu doesn't have a lot of work after he went "solo". After he finished his contract with FL, he wanted to have more control in his career, so he established his own team. However, it seems like that it has not gone very well, as it appears that other than TH and the Indonesian show, he does not have much work. Yan Cheng Xu's fans don't realize the situation and even demanded an answer from FL, and asked whether YCX was frozen by FL and FL only arranges work for F3. "F3's" agent, Zhi Xiang Li, indicates, "When Yan Cheng Xu claimed to be too busy for the F4 worldtour concerts at the beginning, I immediately arranged work for F3. I know that I can't let F3 to be too free afterwards."
Regarding the rumor of Yan Cheng Xu's pushing the plan of having other worldtour concerts, Fenny clarified, "It is ok la. We have not kept pushing. All members of F4 want the worldtour concerts, but the main problems are the locations and their schedules. All the people want to fulfill fans' dream to watch the F4 concert, not just Jerry. Right now, we are definitely not the one who is waiting for them."
kkla's comments: Is Mr. Zhi F4's or F3's agent? Does his identity change based on his comments? F3's recent work should be started discussing long before the HK F4 concerts. Yes right, after Jerry left FL, he is too free now. Ha, very interesting concept! This concept makes me think about under FL's "good" management, Vanness' and Ken's schedules in the last few years. Furthermore, saying that Jerry's fans demanded an answer from FL for Jerry's work schedule is very funny. Most Jerry fans know that Jerry is not FL's artist any more and why we would ask for information from FL. We just wish that FL won't speak for Jerry, blame on Jerry, or use him to promote F3 any more. I guess the only ones who may ask Jerry's information from FL are those Japanese F4 or some foreign F4 fans who don't know that Jerry is not FL's artist any more. Thanks for Fenny to clarify the fact that even Jerry wants to have more F4 concerts in the foreign countries, it is mainly because he wants to fulfill fans' dream to see them perform together. He is so proud of F4 that he wants to bring the performance to more audiences. However, F4's fame and name should not be jeopardized just because FL wants to use F4 to earn fast money. I still can't forget that FL arranged F4 to wear old/alternated clothes in some concerts held in the foreign countries. In my personal opinion, FL's PR skills and behaviors don't deserve the name of the biggest agent in TW. I am so glad that Jerry has left FL, although FL is very powerful and it has good connection with many press organizations, and it also means that Jerry needs to work harder on his own. Jerry, Jia You

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