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Hear ye! Hear Ye!


StarJerry’s WEBSITE has been finally set up and can be accessed thru

The fans’ gathering that will take place in Taiwan on August 12, 2006, would also be the venue for the official launch of the site and the OFFICIAL FANS’ CLUB. Nine members from Jerry Yan Philippines will join the other JMs, so let’s hope that everything will go well with them. We hope to be able to provide you with news and updates during the event and once the JYP Team comes back.

In connection with this, please be advised that StarJerry is also NOW open for member registration. Attached herewith is a copy of the application form, which needs to be submitted to StarJerry together with a fee of USD40 (for fans outside TW, HK, China and Japan). Jerry Yan Philippines plans to take over the application procedure of our members, whoever is willing.

Please fill out the form (we’ll set up deadline later on) and send it to and (, so we could collect all the forms.

Payment details would be sent later on as well, but just be ready for the amount. USD40 is about P2000+. Other application requirements are passport size foto (most recent) and the deposit slip copy (to be sent by JYP if you will be joining the bulk applications we will send).
***Membership should be renewed ANNUALY; we will know later on if the fee would be the same. ***
- FYI: JYP thought it best to do bulk applications in order to lessen the wire fee when doing money transfer, so we will also be STRICT with the deadline.

Now, if you’re asking why is it too much a cost to join? Well, you might want to think again, as here are the perks of being a member:
1. Personalized membership card
2. Fan Club uniform
3. Exclusive welcome gift
4. Fan Club newsletter (non-periodical) and special souvenir
5. Concert ticket advance purchase and the chance to join Fan Club activities
(when number of application exceeds quota, allocation will be based on ballot)
6. Online purchase of exclusive starjerry product

Please take note of the info on the website:
From now on Jerry will begin to hold fans gathering at different countries and places, hoping to meet and greet fans at a closer distance, and find time to thank everyone for their support.
- this means that Jerry also intends to do fans’ gathering on each country he is known and it may be the case that all passes will be distributed only to the members, or at least the priority goes to them.

So I guess, here goes what we’re really waiting for.. at least there’s hope to look after Jerry being able to visit us here in Manila soon..

Now, for those going to TW to attend the launch, aren’t you so lucky you’re going after all?! Jerry, himself, will be presiding the launch and who knows, he may even hand those souvenirs over to each member, PERSONALLY – lucky ones!
Thank you.


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