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Some Translated News

According to today's TW Apple Daily, the pre-order of The Hospital's photo album has started for a week in TW. With a poster of Jerry's wearing the doctor's jacket as gift, The Hospital's photo album has become the No. 1 Best Selling Chinese Book (of the week?) of the Cheng Pin Online Bookstore.

Newspaper Scan
Credit: Mamy and
Per Mamy, reposting to non-Jerry fan sites is strictly prohibited. If you want to transfer this scan, please upload it to your own album. Please include this note when transferring. Thanks.
The poster on the right is the one that comes with the pre-order.

According to today's (Aug. 7) Liberty Times, close to 3000 tickets of The Hospital Charity Premiere Press Conference have been sold and more than half of Jerry's fans will be from Japan. Therefore, The Hospital's producer, Yu Xiao Wei (Director Cai's wife), will hire 8 to 9 Japanese translators with her own money. In order to thank those Japanese fans, Jerry will practice his Japanese as well.

kkla: Not only Japanese, Jerry needs to practice his English, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, etc...

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