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Jerry's Message

When Starjerry's website was available earlier for a trial, three clips were available for download. One of them was message from Jerry. In the clip, Jerry spoke the same message two times. The message was:

"Hi, every Starjerry's member, how are you? I am Yan Cheng Xu. Then, long time no see. I am very happy to have this channel...then...for "meeting" you on Starjerry's website. So, if you have anything to tell me in the future or ..., I think you can leave your messages on Starjerry's website, and I will check them out whenever I have time. Although I may not be able to read every single one of them, I will try my best and very hard to spare time for reading every message and sugguestion from each of you. I hope I will have more time to "meet" you on Starjerry. Ok, good then, bye bye."

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uploaded by daomisyel

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