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The Hospital ended Fans cried over Leon Dai; At "The Hospital" ending, fans held high esteem for Jerry.

The Hospital ended Fans cried over Leon Dai

October 8, 2006

At "The Hospital" ending, fans held high esteem for Jerry.


After CTV ended its contoversial "The Hospital" drama at Mid-Atumn
Festival night, discussions at the official website immediately
followed. They cried and hailed movie king Leon's Dai's performance
in Qui Qing Cheng's turnaround when his daugther died and chose to
donate her heart to a girl. Meanwhile, Jerry Yan as Su Yi Hua finally
recieved Janine Zhang's letter from the mountains, whom he decided to
let go after loving her for 10 years, that also showed Jerry's
breakthough in his acting skill since "Meteor Garden."

Yesterday, because fans discussed "Taiwan rejoices on this talented
actor Leon Dai" they commended Leon Dai with the highest esteem and
caused many viewers to endless cries, that no wonder Director Cai
considered the scene when Qui Qing Cheng lost her daughter Xiao Min
as one of the most moving scenes of the drama, and that Leon Dai
really deserved to be called the movie king.

Besides commending Leon Dai's performance, "Bao Long fans" also saw a
different Jerry acting in drama. CTV as well as PTT message boards
are filled with discussions on Jerry's role as Su Yi Hua. Many people
felt Su Yi Hua's saddness on meeting his old fame Janine with husband
Xui Ji Kai especially when the couple walked away, Jerry was about to
cry as he saw them leave.

An avid Jerry fan also wrote "My day would be sad when I see him sad
in the drama, and when he is down, I am also down as well." The other
day, Jerry wrote a message in his website " This year's Mid Autumn
Festival, the moon is nicely round and big, especially bright, as if
it is very close, and lets people feel very warm. The past few years
because of work, I havent been with my family and friends together
for a reunion and barbeque. and I have missed it." The Hospital will
again be shown starting on the 14th at Dong Sen Drama TV every
weekend afternoon from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm to create another wave of
viewer craze.

Translated by Jerry's Kingdom. Thank you for the credits.

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