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Jerry arrived in Taiwan

info from Ciciny - ; Emily - www.jerryyan
translated/summariz ed by

Jerry arrived in TW at 8:20pm and came out of the airport at around past 9. There were lots of fans and reporters (both print media and TV). There was even a Japanese reporter. Jerry wore blue SJ shirt on top of white long sleeve shirt, gray scarf, black cap, black face mask. Some reporters asked him to take off his mask, but Fenny said it's not convenient for him to do so, because he has frostbite and sunburn, and he will have to see a doctor. Some fans asked Jerry if he has colds, he said no, I have frostbite. Then he quickly went inside the car and waved goodbye to everyone.

Fenny said it's quite serious.

The WV press conference will be on Nov.1 2pm.

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