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a very short clip of tonight's concert

According to yanyanpo who just came back from the concert, Jerry sang One Meter and I Really Really Love U in the concert tonight. He wore white suit with navy blue top inside. Out of surprise, when Jerry performed, the audiences responded very very excited, as a lot of Jolin's fans are male and her fans' age is comparatively younger in general.

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According to Nan Ji Xing who has talked to Jerry's driver in Australia, Jerry went out and started working on his photo album at 5am this morning and didn't come back until 3pm. The driver said that Jerry is always followed by quite a number of fans. Jerry is very nice that he does not refuse any requests for autograph at all. After the concert, there was a cerebration party, but too bad, fans couldn't go in. According to the driver, even fans could go in, they wouldn't see Jerry. The driver explained as there were too many fans following Jerry the night before.

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