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Message from Jerry Yan Philippines Working Team

Hi all!

It has been so long since I last posted.. I just wish that my server
could work faster so I could get online easier.. yahoo access has
been de-activated at work, so am kinda "lost"..

Anyhow, my purpose of sending this post as special notice has
something to do with the new project of Jerry Yan and WVI. I am sure
we are all aware of this tour he is doing and fortunately, the
Philippines is part of it. It is quite a blessing in disguise that
despite the delay of WT's showing in the Philippines, we will still
get the chance to see Jerry before the year ends..

We all know that this project is about giving.. charity.. at least
now, we can say that we are not just plain JY fans.. instead, we can
tell the whole world that we are JY fans with a golden heart.. In
connection with this, in behalf of the JYP Working Team, I am
seeking help from everybody who could be of assistance. It may take
a little out of our savings to donate, but bear in mind that this is
for a good cause.. if we could actually attend concerts, which
tickets are worth thousands of pesos, then why can't allot a little
to charity.

You may visit www.worldvision. to know more about how to help;
however, as the actual project details are not yet out, keep hold of
your donations first until everything has been finalised.

I hope we can all help in every way, no matter how simple it may
be.. please let us know if you wish to pledge so we could take note
of the people who are willing to actually send their donations.
Send us an email at myroyalhonee@ and mcoladilla@gmail. com.

Personally, I want Jerry Yan Philippines to be part of this project
by having members who are able to donate.. At the same time, we
could also join our counterparts from other groups, as the most
important thing is that our donations will surely of big help to the
cause of World Vision International.

Thank you.

aka myroyalhonee
Jerry Yan Philippines

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