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Oct. 24, 2006 New Reports

Oct. 24, 2006 New Reports
summarized by kkla of

For the following news, I only extracted the part with Jerry's name
(Please note that reporters from 5 big newspapers in TW were invited by AC to go with her team to Japap.)%

Mingbao (HK)
Headline: Yan Cheng Xu's popularity is higher than Zhou Yu Min&B

Zaizai went to Japan for promotion one month after YCX's visit. Their popularity in Japan was compared. 15,000 fans attended YCX's function. For Zaizai, he lost because of the weather, only 2000 fans attended. However, ZZ's fans tried to gain his attention by pretending to be different cartoon figures.

ZZ went to Japan for promoting Silence when YCX went to Japan to have 3 meet sessions. The later function required ticket to attend and it had more than NT$10 millions of ticket sales. ZZ's promotion activity was free and it was held outdoors, therefore, only 2000 fans attended.

Min Sheng Bao (TW)
Headline: Chai Zhi Ping's Fashionable Look Gained Attention'

Although it was not about Jerry at all, I can't help translating this: 2 days ago, when AC, ZZ, and Wang Zhuan Yi promoted on a program, close to NT$1 million were spent on their appearances. Among them, AC looked the most fashionable that she was more attention seeking than the two handsome guys. ( kkla: Why doesn't she play the female lead in her next idol drama?)

Headline: Zaizai's Yilan Mandarin, The Translator Can Understand

Mr. Zhou, the translator, has worked with F4 for numerous times. In order to work with ZZ in this promotion, he finished watching Silence in one go. When the translator, who can speak fluent Mandarin, was asked whether he understood ZZ's Mandarin, he answered, "I understand. I know that his Mandarin has the Yilan accent!"

Mr. Zhou indicates that as ZZ looks the cutest among and he is also the youngest, he is loved by fans in Japan. F4 has high popularity in Japan. Although they have different personalities, they all have good manners. According to who is the most popular among them, Mr. Zhou answered with care, "the same la, they are all popular, but if it really needs to compare, then Yan Cheng Xu is more popular to some extent."

Liberty Times (TW)
ZZ Attracted The Storm Sakura Misses Showed Up?

One after the other, F4's two idols promoted in Japan with one month apart. YCX held 3 meet sessions in Tokyo with 15,000 fans buying the tickets. ZZ was interviewed on a radio program and more than 2000 fans queued outside screaming (kkla: the radio station can be seen through from the outside). Although the number of fans and momentum are not as powerful as YCX's, the scene was also amazing. Chaos were created due to the pushing among fans... regardless, some fans queued up the second time just to see the idol more.

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