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Translated News Oct 21

F4 has been busy with their own solo career. Jerry, who is just appointed as World Vision Regional Child Sponsorship Ambassador will be visiting Mongolia. On behalf of Taiwan citizens, he will visit the poor & suffering children there. Zai is busy filming movie and tv serial "Delicious Relationship" will only end filming next January. "Chu Liu Xiang" starring Ken Chu will complete filming soon. Vanness Wu was at San Li tv station few days ago, and had a discussion with an idol drama producer.

Jerry, having returned from Australia not long ago, will head to Mongolia on 24th Oct. Being one of the sponsors, "Whenever i receive some information on the child tat i'm sponsoring, I will want to see exactly wat kind of environment are they living in." Therefore, he immediately accepted the offer despite Mongolia's minus 6 degrees temperature.

Jerry's fanclub has sponsored 29 children, 5 of them from Mongolia.

"Delicious Relationship" starring Vic & Patty Hou had been seriously delayed. Producer Angie Chai expressed, yesterday she has met up with the management companies of the main casts, the production team and director. And they have agreed to wait until Vic to finish filming his movie "Flying Butterfly" in November.

Source: Min Sheng Bao 21.10.06
thanks to Michi@OnlyF4 for the translation

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