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Update News: Jerry's Trip to Mongolia

Update News: Jerry's Trip to Mongolia

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Anyway, according to TW World Vision's reply to auyinling who asked about the press conference, it is planned that Jerry will go to Mongolia from Oct. 24 to Oct. 30. Then, a press conference will be held on Nov. 1 for Jerry to share his experiences and feelings. Starting mid. November, he will promote this project in different locations in the Asian Pacific region.
According to Yan Xiao Yu, there were reporters from 20 - 30 different newspapers and broadcast companies.

According to aMy of www.jerryyan. org(http://www.jerryyan .org/discuz/ viewthread. php?tid=14178), there should be a mini press conference held by World Vision at the airport. Today, Jerry wears a blue SJ tee and brown pants. The reporters asked him a lot of questions, such as "What did you bring to Mongolia?" Jerry answered, "Secret. If I tell you, it is not secret any more". When Jerry mentioned that he would perform magic for the kids. The reporters asked, "Did you learn it before?" Jerry said, "I always like to play magic... " (another cold joke?)

Jerry kept on telling the fans at the airport: $700 (it takes about NT$700 to sponser a kid)
Jerry's flight should depart at around 11am and he will transit in HK.

According to Mamy, Era has broadcasted news about Jerry at the airport already. Reporting teams from other broadcast companies, including Dong Sen (ET), Min Shi (ftv), Sanli (Set TV), CTV, Tai Shi (ttv), TVBS, etc..., also went to the airport today.

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