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Jerry Yan, newly appointed World Vision Asia ambassador for child sponsorship, is leaving for Mongolia with 15 media and World Vision delegates from Taiwan on Oct. 24, to be joined by a Singapore crew of 5 in Ulaanbaatar, for a weeklong project visit.

Wearing a t-shirt exclusive to his fan club, Jerry said at the airport before departure, "For me this is an unusual journey, and I'm very much looking forward to it."

"From the information provided by World Vision, I know it is not an easy trip," he added, "but I believe by personally meeting the children and experiencing how their life is like, I will gain myself and learn to value what I possess."

Packed in his luggage are lots of gifts he is bringing to children in Mongolia. He explained, "Just some toys and stationery, nothing of big value to us, but something impoverished children in Mongolia really want for."

Know as a very soft-hearted man, Jerry admitted that he could become very emotional when standing in front of all the realities that he has just read about from given information. However, he said, "I will play magic tricks to the children in hardship, hoping to bring a little fun to them."

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