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World Vision Philippines has announced that the Proposed Activity,
supposedly scheduled on Dec 10, is OFFICIALLY cancelled as of the
last update.. Apparently, WVI TW has cancelled the approval of the
the said activity for unknown reasons.. Anyhow, the good thing is Jerry
is still pushing through with his visit in December.. The presscon
will definitely materialize, although there is still an ongoing
negotiations as to whether WVI TW will allow the participation of
fans in the said event. For the mean time, please do hold off your
donations until the next annoucement. .

On the other hand, knowing that the "said activity" has been cxld, will his
visit be of less value? Please take note that his MAIN REASONs what
he is doing this tour is to PROMOTE Child Sponsorship and to visit
the children under WVI's wing.. he is not coming over for a fans'
gathering, so I believe if WVI TW decides to not allow fans'
participation such as a gathering, we should understand them.. Fans
could still definitely participate by making donations or better
yet, sponsoring kids. Maybe by this decision, Jerry could
concentrat more on his philanthropic activities just like what
happened in Mongolia, where his cause was not disturbed by the
media, nor by fans following him around.. Maybe it's time that we
give him the space he needs so that he could maximize his time in
getting along with the kids.. anyway, we will have many other
chances in the future..

JYP will update each and all as soon as we get the most recent
update from WVI Philippines. . For now, let us continue to pray for
the success of this whole project.

Please pass this information to your friends.. For any questions
please email us your inquiries -

Thank you.


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