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Newspaper scans - Nov. 4, 2006

Newspaper scans - Nov. 4, 2006
My Paper (Singapore)
Credit: Mountain of
summarized by kkla of
Preface (on the left)

Jerry, the Child Sponsorship Project Ambassador, was arranged by TW World Vision Office to visit his two sponsored kids in Mongolia, and this reporter also went with the team. After this trip, the deepest impression she has is whenever Jerry sees the kids, the uneasiness that he has when dealing with the media is gone, his childlike side is shown naturally.
Mongolian kids know DMS

After flying from TW to HK, and staying overnight in Beijing, YCX finally arrived at the capital of Mogolia, Ulaan Baatar. After lunch, Jerry officially started his "Mongolian Care Tour."
The first stop was Deng Ta Zhi Jia (Lighthouse's Home), which is a shelter for kids. The 15 girls who live there are either victims of family abuse or neglection.
When Jerry arrived, it created a lot of excitement. The girls kept calling Jerry "DMS" as they have seen Meteor Garden.
Jerry happily signed autographs for the little fans. Among them, a girl, Narangoo, quietly stayed by Jerry's side. Although they couldn't talk with each other, Jerry looked at her with a smile the whole time.

This group of girls has the potential to be a reporter. They kept on asking Jerry questions, like "Why did he want to be an artist?", "Which artist does he admire most?", "What kind of role does he want to play?", etc... They even commented that Jerry looks more handsome in person than on tv, especially his big eyes, which are the the most charming.

Jerry's words: Actually I didn't intend to be an artist, instead, I wanted to be a basketball player and joined the NBA. Having what I have accomplished and being able to help the needed here are also things that I couldn't imagine in the past.

Visiting the girl who was borned with a congenital malformation called ano-rectal malformation and received treatment in Singapore
During the 7-hour ride (280 miles) on bumpy ground from Ulann Baatar to Dundgobi, although the body was in pain due to the rough ride, our mood was basically good.

The most beautiful surprise was the scenery outside the window, the blue sky and the yellow grassland with the snowed mountain.
Dundgobi Area Development Project is one of TW World Vision's developing Child Sponsorship projects. In here, we visited the girl, Tsermaa, who is familiar with the readers in Singapore.
Tsermaa, who was borned with a congenital defect known as ano-rectal malformation that her condition prevents her from discharging waste normally. Due to her condition, kids stayed away from her. Last year, she was arranged by World Vision to have the reconstruction surgeries in Singapore.
When Jerry saw the big scars on Tsermaa's body, he couldn't help feeling sorry for her and he asked her how she handled the pain of the surgeries. Tsermaa said, "Before the surgery, my mom told me to be brave, so I listened to my mom."
Tsermaa also told this reporter that her peers are willing to make friends with her now and she is attending school. Her most favourite subject is English. She also introduced herself speaking English, "My name is Tsermaa. I am 13 years old.
Tsermaa asked this reporter to send her regards to the doctors and nurses in the hospital where she had her surgeries. When asked what she misses the most about Singapore, she answered, "The weather. In Singapore, it does not have the chilling wind like in Mongolia. I also miss the gourmet food and different kinds of fruits. I also like to visit the zoo and the park."

Jerry's words: With her young age, Tsermaa has experienced the pain that we may never experience at all our whole lives. This leads me to think about sometimes when I feel frustrated and stuck, I feel down easily, but now by looking at these kids, my situation is actually not that bad at all.

Nov. 4, 2006
My Paper (con't)
credit: Mountain of
summarized by kkla of

Day 3
Little Kid Rides a Horse and Helps Herd Cattles to Support Family
Jerry visited his two sponsored kids, Dorjtovuu and Ragchaasuren (both 8 years old), at school, and also played basketball with them. He also visited their homes with gifts like scarves, gloves, comforters, thermoses, pens, candies, etc...

Dorjtovuu's father is still serving a sentence in jail due to stealing others' livestock. His mother needs to take care of 5 kids by herself. His little brother played with fire once that burned their only ger. World Vision sent his family a new ger and taught his mother ways to improve income.

After hearing Dorjtovuu's story, Jerry has deep feeling, as he was also raised in a single-parent home that he can understand the hardship of being a single mom. Jerry is deeply touched by the fact that Dorjtovuu helps herd others' livestock to earn extra money for his family since youth, and he commented that he was not as smart as Dorjtovuu when he was young.

Ragchaasuren's parents are herdsmen who live in the countryside. As Ragchaasuren and his sister, Yanjinsuren, need to attend school, so they live with their grandmother, and they won't go home until the weekend.

Jerry's words: When we filmed the short clip in Dorjtovuu's home, his little brother kept playing with the wrapper of a candy given by us. As the sound interrupted with the filming, the director tried to take the candy from him for the moment. Surprisingly, his brother hid the candy immediately. The snacks and candies that we can get easily, to the kids here, are very valuable. I feel that I didn't know how to treasure before, but now, from these kids, I have learned to treasure the people and things around me more.

Day 4
The Most Honest Expression of Feelings
Jerry filmed a short clip with Ragchaasuren and Yanjinsuren, and they even rode a camel. When Ragchaasuren and Yanjinsuren got on the camel like a piece of cake, the smile on their faces was so bright.

Jerry's words: Yesterday, on our way back to their grandmother's house, when Yanjinsuren was sitting on my lap holding my hand with hers and when I protected her with my big body, that was the first time I have felt so being needed in my life. At that moment, I suddenly felt that giving her the warmth was so important. May be we are just strangers, but she trusts me so much that she just leaned on my body the whole time. That was the most honest expression of feelings.

Eating Birthday Cake For The First Time
erry's HK fan club has sponsored 2 kids in Mongolia using his name. Today, Jerry visited one of them, Naranbayar, and celebrated his birthday with him. However, as being exposed to the sun and wind for more than 3 hours for filming the clip yesterday, Jerry has the sunburn and frostbite. Therefore, he politely rejected the reporters' company when visiting Naranbayar that he only went with the staff from World Vision.

After going back to the capital, due to Jerry's not feeling well, a group interview with the local media was also cancelled.

According the staff from World Vision Singapore, Jerry brought a chocolate birthday cake with an elephant on top to Naranbayar. Jerry wishes that Naranbayar will be as strong as an elephant. This is the first time Naranbayar has tasted a birthday cake. After having a bite, he immediately shared the cake with his family.

Jerry In The Eyes of The Reporter
There is a child living inside Jerry, as when he interacts with kids, he is like a big kid himself. His smile is as bright and pure as the kids'

Like at the kindergarden, when he played Yao Yao Le with the kids, made silly faces, and protruded his tongue, that was not the Jerry that I see usually. When he distributed the candies to the kids, he didn't just unwrap the candies for them, he even fed the candies to them. He is just like a very warm and sincere big brother. Later, he held a kid on his lap and teased him continuously, as if he didn't want to let him go. The kid was very obedient with no crying or fussing, but an expression of satisfaction. Just a nice portrait of father and son! Very touching!
This reporter told Jerry that it must be very warm to lean on his chest that the kid might just fall asleep like that. Jerry answered with a smile, "Then I wrap him up and take him home."

Jerry said, "Before I came to Mongolia, I always thought that the kids are very painful, but along the trip, I have seen them live happily. I think, they all live in their happy world. Their eye gaze and facial expression are so natural and there is no need to pretend, like when we arrived at the kindergarden, a kid cried immediately, and a few others just ignored us when they wanted to. I feel that it is easier and more natural for me to interact with kids than adults and I hope that like those kids, I won't be impacted by the outside world as much.
No need to pretend and being able to express his emotions freely? His words give others a sense of helpless regarding something that he wants very badly but he is not able to get.

owever, I believe that like the kids, Jerry has his own happy world, that's the time when he temporarily stops being a superstar for the moment.
Like when he played basketball with the kids, he held a kid running around for a moment, and then he put another kid on his shoulder the next moment. The basketball court was filled with laughs. When his white sweatshirt was made dirty because of the game and when he was forced to the ground by the kids, his bright laugh continued.

As at here, he is not F4 or an Asian superstar, he is just a naughty kid.

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