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Jerry is sitting on the third row next to Ms. Wang. Just now, Jacky Wu said something like, "You need to watch out tonight." Ms. Lin answered like, "Yes, I know. The camera has pointed to him already." Then the camera gave Jerry a close up and Jerry gave a very sweet smile. Then Wu said, "Oh we are talking about your sisters in CATWALK..."

When the Korean actor and Ms. Lin presented the award, the Korean actor said that he was a prince (in a tv drama). Then Ms. Lin said that there was a prince in TW as well. When Jacky tried to say something, she said let's follow the programme (in Mandarin, the two words meaning programme are pronounced as "Cheng Xu"). Jacky asked "Are you calling my name?", said that he could be the prince in TW, and asked whether he could sit in the 4th row the 2nd seat (that's where Jerry is sitting at). The camera focused on Jerry and Jerry nodded his head slightly.

Jacky tried to make Ms. Lin to give hugs to both presenters. After she hugged Zhou Xun, Jacky asked her to continue with the other presenter. Jerry hugged Jacky and hoped that he would be satisfied, but no. At the end, Jerry noticed that he could not get away, so he opened his arm for a very brief moment towards Lin, but Ms. Lin didn't go forward, so he shook hands with her instead.

When Ms. Lin introduced Jerry and Zhou Xun out, Jacky Wu said that the female host might be a little bit nervous. He asked her, "Are you nervous?" Lin answered, "No, I am not nervous, but my heart will fall for (him)." (xin dong)

Jerry & Zhou Xun

Ms. Lin will play a role in John Woo's next movie. There was a rumor that Lin will have only two lines in the movie. That's why Lin brought a sword when she pretended to interrogate the director regarding the rumor. When John Woo joked that he was surprised by Lin's performance tonight (I guess may be she lowers her voice after taking some lessons) and he would consider changing the script, the famous director next to him, Hou Xiao Yan, joked that being a director, it is better to be firm with the actors. Then the camera showed Jerry and Director Cai laughing.

According to the news clips, Jerry didn't attend the celebration party afterwards, but Ms. Lin did. She said that she was very happy to see Jerry as she hasn't seen him for months, and she would thank "him" for his kindness and cooperation.

The producer, Zhang Xiao Yan, didn't dare to watch when Jacky Wu brought Ms. Lin to the center of the stage when Jerry presented the award. She said that it ended up ok, and both Jerry and Ms. Lin behaved appropriately. She also commented that it was really not easy to even get a handshake from them. I think we need to thank Director Cai. He is really a good brother to Jerry. He didn't need to go but he still accompanied Jerry to the ceremony.

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