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allen1123, who played basketball with Jerry the night before, wrote in his blog that Jerry wore a hat/cap when playing basketball. Jerry and a group of friends arrived first. In the middle of the game, he got a phone call and asked Allen to substitute for him as he needed to wait for his friend. Allen joked that as he had met Yan Cheng Xu already, may be he got a chance to meet Ms. Lin, but the friend who arrived was Li Wei. Therefore, Allen joked that the "goddess" didn't come but the "toast boy" did (kkla: Li Wei's first tv drama was called Toast Boy's Kiss). However, shortly after Li Wei arrived, the lights got dim. At the end, Allen and his friend successfully got Jerry and Li Wei's autographs
[blog post by sunshine7551 at WRETCH at 01:37 AM

summarized by jerry's kingdom

Jan 23 is Huang Jun Xiang's big birthday
In the evening we went under the Da Han bridge to watch them play basketball.
when we arrived at the court,
Many people - wow
And saw a very familiar face
First was Qiang Wei Zhi's love team Huang Zhi Wei
But his hair color looked not too fitting for him
After that we saw Jerry Yan in the court with Li Wei
Celebrity basketball is just like the common people's
First we thought of taking pictures
But got mixed thoughts
and had to give up on the idea.

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