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The headline of today's Liberty Times

The headline of today's Liberty Times

Entertainment King Was Criticized For Not Keeping Old Relationship In Mind

Yan Cheng Xu Cruel-Heartedly Rejected Chai Zhi Ping
F4's Reunion To Endorse Tourism Aborted

In the news article, the reporter wrote that as Jerry refused to participate in the Tourist Bureau's idol drama, Jerry was criticized for not keeping the old relationship in mind, and the rough relationship between Jerry and AC has become the topic again.

According to plan, the Tourist Bureau provides NT$80 millions of fund, and the idol drama "Wish To See You In TW" is supposed to start filming in June this year. Since the beginning of this project, Yan Cheng Xu had been targeted as the main lead. Although there were rumors of his having scheduling problems, it seemed that the problems can be resolved sooner or later. However, when the reporter checked with Fenny yesterday, she clearly stated, "Yan Cheng Xu won't play in this idol drama. He has already had other plans."

AC indicates that even missing one member in the drama won't break the contract. As Jerry turned down the role, Zaizai will be the main lead now. AC mentioned, "Zaizai's market price/value does not lose to Yan Cheng Xu's." Other than the idol drama, the endorsement project also includes concert tours, domestic and international press conferences, and commercials. Fenny said that other parts of the projects are still under discussion.

According to the Tourist Bureau, there should be one press conference in TW in the first half of this year to announce F4's being the TW Tourism Ambassadors. Then there should be a concert/concerts in TW to attract more than 10,000 fans to visit TW and ...

Regarding F4's endorsement fee, it is NT$30 millions. As Jerry won't participate in the drama, his endorsement fee will be changed.

1. If not all 4 members are required to participate in the drama and missing one won't break the contract, then how come AC keeps blaming Jerry for not accepting the role? :

2. Didn't Xiao Zhi always say that F4 should have equal parts and talent fee in the drama and market? Now it was written that initially Jerry was the main lead, and then now Zaizai is the main lead after Jerry rejected the role, then what happen to Vanness and Ken? Did AC try/intend to prepare a script which has suitable roles for all 4 members at all? Or did she prepare a script to have one main lead in mind the whole time?

A few days ago, Fenny said that Jerry had not received the script, and he had not decided to accept the role or not. Today, the storyline of the Tourist Bureau idol drama has come out, and Fenny said that Jerry decided not to participate in the idol drama. The offiical reason is that Jerry has other working plans, but ... , haha... I really admire that Jerry has the guts to insist on what he thinks is right.

The storyline, are you ready? A girl loses her memory, so her boyfriend brings her to different tourist sites in TW and hopes to help her regain her memory. Sound familiar? Does MG2 ring a bell? No? How about the Korean drama Winter Sonata? I can't believe that AC used several months to come up with a story like this. Fenny said that although Jerry won't participate in the idol drama, other endorsement activities are still under discussion.

I am quite happy with the outcome, as now Zai is the main lead, and hope that Jerry won't be attacked as much. Whenever Jerry is available, he can still participate in the concert(s) and commercials, and endorse TW for the Tourist Bureau.

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