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Xin Chao Magazine - Must-Read Articles for Lovers Column
10 Best Boyfriends for 2007

this article appeared in Xin Chao magazine column entitled "Must-Read Articles for Lovers"
written by bjing and was published last December 2006
This is the draft she wrote which she posted in her blog.
Only the top 5 in the best list is translated

Source: bjing shiah's blog
summary by Jerry's Kingdom

As year 2007 steps in, are you are still single and still looking for someone? Below is a especially selected list of 10 Best Boyfriend-types, and hoping it can be the most practical boyfriend guide for all women....

1. Unmatched Superbeing type

Brandon Routh

Reason for choosing:
He came from a different planet, where he adapted to become an ordinary man, and then when Earth comes into crisis, he goes out with superpowers - he can fly, has super strength and always defending the Earth. Now that he is a super hero, if he is a boyfriend, certainly you will feel really proud of him!

2. Inner sensibility and control type

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Reason for choosing:

To stop being in-love, he always lets people forget him! When he remembers he loves someone, he runs off to Tiantai, and using the camera to picture the sky, he sends it to her with the phrase " in each picture of the sky, all I think of is you." This man teaches a woman how to absolutely resist his charms.

3. Deeply in love and Intelligent type

Jerry Yan

Reason for choosing:

Have you ever seen a handsome doctor? If only because he's the chief surgeon, then he could get high scores in the list of best boyfriend type immediately. In addition, he still didn't fight with the woman even if she cheated on him before, and still deeply in love with her. This "young" affectionate doctor is a big dream of every woman.

4. Younger brother type

Bryan Greenberg

Reason for choosing:

Bryan is an ideal lover -- he's young, naive, playful, funny and still a painter! In whatever age bracket, he is loved. Having a 14 years gap with Uma Thruman, they had spiritual, love and sex companionship, with a happy older sister and younger brother relationship.

5. Forever in love with you type

Andy Lau

The mature man choice, all wishing to be with his beloved wife, that he even asked a homeless woman to donate her heart for his wife's transplant, and tried hard to support her in return, to let her understand that he really liked her selfless act, and tried to find for her the happiness she deserves.

6. Cha Tae-hyun

7. Mike Ho

8. Jude Law¡ÔThe Talented Mr. Ripley¡Õ

9. Rain

10. Van Diesel

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