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Jerry Yan! Sincere and Great Risks

Jerry Yan! Sincere and Great Risks

Scanned by weiwei of Jerry's Harbor
transcribed by Zi Lin Xu Xu

summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

violet-colored box inset:

"To smile or not to smile? Should this be a problem for an actor? But for Jerry, this could almost fall him apart. If he comes out with too much smiles, squeeze them to come out, or pretend it to come out, then those cant be blamed on Jerry, because his smiles are rather precious. However, the world is not ideal, so he tries hard to change. This why for the past few years he has endured many sadness, suffered many misgivings, and had painful thoughts that made him thin. The bitter punishment of a monk-like life makes people play jokes at him and also feel worried for him. However, he had always been this "real" that supported his pains for an even more beauty and mystery. Perhaps his "realness" has long been his strong character, and will stay to him even if his physical body already fades. "

Info regarding the TW tourism campaign

credits to
Info regarding the TW tourism campaign

According to Japanese sisters, there are several tour packages to choose from, like 2D/3N, 3D/4N. The tour includes ticket to the Apr22 fan event in Taipei. But 2D/3N package alone costs at least 100,000Yen

Modern Music mag issue # 360

Modern Music mag issue # 360
scanned by Wei wei

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there's a portion in the article that mentioned Jerry's 7 wishes for the new year

1. find a working team that understands me, so we'll work hard
2. act in an action movie
3. more people do charity work
4. see director Cai lose control
5. play professional basketball
6. people around me are healthy and happy
7. become a director in the future

F4ever's magazine No. 6

credit: vicky0103 of
F4ever's magazine No. 6

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Jerry's interview in a Thai magazine,"Praew"

Jerry's interview in a Thai magazine,"Praew"

translated to Chinese by Baiya of
translated to English by Jerry's Kingdom

From the latest magazine on sale in Thailand,"Praew". There is an exclusive interview of Jerry inside. The reporter had an opportunity to interview Jerry at the hotel during his trip in Thailand for the world vision campaign last year.

Q: Have you ever been broken-hearted?

Jerry: ...[he told about the time when he was still in the military...] In courting, I don't have enough courage. When I still was a student then, I usually kept my love to a person secretly. When I once went to Japan, I saw a young girl. I thought she was really very pretty. However, I don't have the guts. After thinking I then returned again but she is nowhere to be found. Now, I just need a person whom I can talk to, who can understand me, makes me happy when I follow her around, and live happily. That would be enough for me.

Q: Have you found that person now?

Jerry : I HAVE... [at this point, we changed the topic, because this question is dangerous]


PENNY: His answer "I HAVE "??" seems a bit strange. It becomes a big discussion on Thai webboards. What do you think?

JK: He should have answered with his tag line "Dui a" (That's Right) instead of "you" (I HAVE)

Jerry in China Charity Show on March 11

credits to
Yan Xiao Yu posted that it was confirmed that Jerry will attend a charity show in Shanghai on March 11.

Jerry Yan - Tong Hua

Credits and Posted by wandergirl @

I was watching Pops in Seoul on Arirang (Korean TV network) today and I they aired the MV for "Dong Hwa," the Korean version of Tong Hua, sung by Kim Hyung Joong.

Kim Hyung Joong - Dong Hwa

Original version by Guang Liang - Tong Hua (with English subtitles)

Jerry Yan - Tong Hua

[credits to the owners of the clips]

Of course, less than six degrees [of separation] away is our very own Jerry, who sang Tong Hua last year in the F4 HK concerts.

A Thank You Letter From World Vision

Credits: adel@onlyF4
thanks to Myvi@ Asianfanatics

A Thank You Letter From World Vision to OnlyF4 Group

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Announcement of Remitted Account Number

2/23 New Message from


Announcement of Remitted Account Number

To improve our member service, StarJerry is processing of Japanese and Hong Kong’s remitted accounts. We will post the account numbers on our website soon. Thanks for your cooperation.

"You are my only persistence" CD is #1 among all "out soon" music in HMV Japan

"You are my only persistence" CD
is #1 among all "out soon" music in HMV Japan

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thanks to

< TV Program Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang>

as posted at asianfanatics
< TV Program Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang>
Popularity Predictions on Jerry

screencaps and posted by mamy of
transcribed by addy of
summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

In yesterday's telecast of "Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang" TV program, there was the Name and Surname expert Bo Yang as guest who predicted the degree of the various stars' hot popularity for this year.

Name and surname expert Bo Yang talking on his predictions on Jerry

His words on Jerry:

Yes, when we interpreted how much will be Jerry's fame this year of the pig, we saw THREE. His THREE FIRES can either increase or decrease. But this index of THREE FIRES is already pretty good, since the time and nature is quite long. However, his high popularity can drop rather fast. If it comes too short, he must strive hard to climb up....

So he would still have many opportunities this year. In making a serial for example, we can still create a connection of our outlook on how much is LZL's fame would be. Its also THREE....

The actor's career will depend on how well he planned it for this year.
if you want to download this 59-second video clip. please log in and ask here:
http://www.yancheng dispbbs.asp? boardid=49&id=64002

posted by fatty@asianfanatics
i have watched the clip. Jerry's score is 3, which the fortune teller said its good as its mid-range which means stability, his popularity will remains for a long time. for those artistes whose score is on the high end, which means fiery hot, it may not be good as too fiery hot in too short a time cld bring abt a drastic drop in popularity. for those artistes whose score is on the lower end, they will have to strive to work harder. for Jerry, he will have many opportunities to shine, for example, in acting & in creativity.

White Tower Hospital is now playing in Metro Los Angeles

posted by forevergreen at

Every week night, 7:00 to 8:00 pm Pacific time. In channel 18 Los Angeles, White Tower Hospital is now playing in Metro Los Angeles. This is the biggest Asian TV station in Los Angeles. I am sure Jerry will capture a lot of fans again!

Message from StarJerry


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Welcome to StarJerry!We highly appreciate all your support.
To ensure that members get the most comprehensive benefits and services, StarJerry is going to extend this year’s membership till Dec 31st 2007 for those who join before Dec 31st 2006. In addition, if you have any suggestion, please share with us without any hesitation. StarJerry will value your criticisms and advices humbly and we will be working hard to follow through to improve this place.
Again, thank you for your support of StarJerry!

thanks to jenzhu@tsinoy

Jerry's newest message: February 14, 2007

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Jerry's newest message: February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Really sorry! I haven't come up here for a long time to leave messages to you. My work is still very busy recently. A few days ago, I exercised with my friends when I had a break, and not surprisingly, I was found. I hope that I can have time to take a good rest during Chinese New Year.

Today is Valentine's Day. I wish SJ's friends a happy Valentine's Day, and be lucky and joyful everyday!

Superstar in Asia and a member of F4

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Today is Valentine's Day. On the top part of this newspaper scan of TW Apple Daily, "when asked about her rumored affair with Yan Cheng Xu, she (Ms. Lin) replied shyly, "Please give me time, space, and chances..." Actually, there is nothing about Jerry and Ms. Lin except the above sentence. However, the reporters still like to put their pictures together. Jerry's picture was put there mainly because the reporter tried to prove that celebrities like to wear Giorgio Armani and Jerry is one of them. Under Jerry's name, this reporter labelled Jerry as "Superstar in Asia and a member of F4".

Jerry and Hebe most wanted date on Valentine’s Day

Jerry and Hebe most wanted date on Valentine’s Day
Jerry Yan (???) and Hebe Tian (???) topped a Taiwan pole for Most Wanted Celebrities’ Date on Valentine’s Day.
Over 1.2 million votes were collected, and Jerry was the overwhelmed winner with over 800,000 votes. 2nd and 3rd on the male celebrities list are Sam Wang (???) and Wu Chun (??).

Top 3 female celebrities are Hebe, Lin Zhi Ling (???) and Ada Pan (???).

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

source: YummyCelebrities
Credits to Jerry Yan Philippines

For today's Most Wanted to Date, Jerry Yan and Hebe won the crown

For today's Most Wanted to Date, Jerry Yan and Hebe won the crown

Source: United Daily News
February 14, 2007
Summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

Who is the Most Wanted to Date With for Valentine's Day? Based from Zhui Xing Survey Office poll results for who is the "Most Wanted Celebrity Date", where fans voted for all Taiwanese Idol Drama Kings as their top three favorite choices. Jerry Yan emerged as the champion, while Sam Wang and Wu Zun occupied the No.2 and No.3 ranks respectively. For the female category, the top 3 ranking are as follows :Hebe, Lin Zhi Ling and Pan Hui Ru.

The most received focus of attention is master lady killer Jerry Yan, garnering an overwhelming vote of more than 800,000 to rob the coveted crown; idol drama male favorite Sam Wang; and the soon-to-be flying to international fame Wu Zun. The vote count also started differently. and fans were not strongly influenced at all. The female category shifted to different types of beauties. The unique Hebe immediately landed in the voting lead, getting most of the fans' support. The graceful Lin Zhi Ling caught the second place, and Pan Hui Rui, who is soon to use her sexy image to be a famous star, got the nod of many male voters, and defeated many of the beauties to land in No.3. More of the results can be obtained from the UDN and Zhui Xing Survey Office website.

Happy Valentine's From Jerry Yan Philippines

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Self Made Mv - FALLIN'

At a poll voting for the Most Wanted to Date With ,Jerry Yan votes leads the charts

Jerry Yan, Sam Wang, and Wu Zun
overpowers Japan and Korea's handsome men

Source: United News Daily (Lian He Bao)
February 12, 2007
Summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

At a poll voting for the Most Wanted to Date With ,
Jerry Yan votes leads the charts

As Valentines Day comes near, who would fans choose as the Most Wanted to Date ? A media group held a two-week long " Most Wanted to Date for Valentines Day" poll voting, with two general divisions for male and female artists category, and where poll voting will end on Feb 13. To date, it has attracted over 20 million votes sent by fans for polling. Certified lady Killer Jerry Yan laugh.gif and SHE member Hebe is now leading, and eventually contending for the Dream Man and Woman for 2007 championship crown. Fans can update the latest results through the " Zhui Xing Survey Ofiice".

Intensely ompeting for the "Most Wanted to Date (Male Artists)" were the three widely- popular handsome men from the Taiwan, Japan and Korea. From the different handsome types who entered the top voting, its worth seeing that there was a mobilization of a strongly powerful block of fans for Taiwanese Idol Drama King Jerry Yan, Sam Wang (JK: from 5566) and Wu Zun (JK: from Fahrenheit) whoall came out with about 100,000 votes. It strongly leads like a search for Japanese and Korean Idol. Because of the Taiwanese local drama wave which helped in the increase of its popularity, this trend is evidently leading to a a "Taiwanese wave" gradually overpowering the "Korean wave" and the "Japanese invasion".

thanks to myvi @ asianfanatics

two short clips about APFF

two short clips about APFF
Yang Mie Mie found two short clips about APFF in these two blogs:

credits to

Li Wei relaxes and plays basketball Sports a mustache, remembers the beautiful woman

credits to

According to today's Lian He Bao, two nights ago, at first, Li Wei played basketball with He Jun Xiang, then "the most touching thing to him (kkla: Li Wei) was that, his good friend in the show business, Yan Cheng Xu, also rushed to the basketball court after getting a phone call, and joined the game. Yan Cheng Xu, who wore tee shirt and sports shorts, showed up to support with his adorable smile (kkla: I guess the reporter is a female, haha...), and competed with Li Wei on the basketball court. With the support from his good friend(s), Li Wei cheered happily."
Li Wei relaxes and plays basketball
Sports a mustache, remembers the beautiful woman

Source: United Daily News (Lian He Bao)
February 11, 2006

Scanned news clipping (page D1)
(Scanned by mamy of Jerry's Harbor)
This news on Jerry parts extracted by Jerry's Kingdom

Two nights ago, after attending Xu Wei Lun's commemorative concert earlier, Li Wei invited in some friends for basketball, and finally came out sporting a mustache.

In the court, his friends Mike He and Bao Long Jerry Yan both went over. After Wei Lun's death, Li Wei's friends knew he was so grieving, so when he invited in for basketball to ease his mind, his non-showbiz and showbiz friends all trooped in at Taipei's Dai Jia riverside park basketball court for Li Wei.

Halfway during the game, it rained and so Li Wei and Mike ran to sit down at the sides and female friends went towards them to offer umbrellas. Li Wei kept laughing but the most touching was when his showbiz friend Jerry Yan received his call, he immediately proceeded to the place. and joined the bull fight. Wearing a Tshirt and breech sports shorts Jerry appeared with exposed charming smiles, competed with Li Wei in the field. With his good friends coming for support, Li Wei cheered happily.

All About MIA Jewelry

All About MIA Jewelry

Date Posted: Jan 25

Sorry, Yami, just want to clarify something. 'Replaced' was just the word used by the reporter to create the conflict. Technically, on one hand, Peter Ho is chosen as the endorser for Valentine's Day only and his endorsement fee is only about NT$1 million. On the other hand, Jerry has not renewed the endorsement contract with Mia. When asked about whether Jerry's endorsement fee is too high, Mia denied. Well, this is not the first time Mia has done this. Remember after the first year, Mia used William Li, as his endorsement fee was much cheaper, but as the sales were not good, so Mia came back and asked Jerry to be the endorser again. Now Mia is doing it again. Well, please spread out the words. Before Jerry renews the contract with Mia, there is no need for us to buy any Mia products any more, not mentioning that its quality is really not up to the standard. It is very interesting. Ai Mi, who works at Mia, posted a message on saying that Peter Ho is not Mia's endorser. He was chosen to 'endorse' (kkla: although Ai Mi said that he is not Mia's endorser, but I think the word 'endorse' is still the most appropriate word.) Mia's Valentine Day products only because he will release his solo album soon... Well, that doesn't change anything. We only support the products endorsed by Jerry.

Please note that sales is definitely not a problem, as Mia indicates that the sales have exceeded NT$100 millions. I think changing endorser is ok, as no one can endorse for any one brand forever. However, like Mikayla said, can Mia do it more graciously? Furthermore, when Mia was arranging another person as its endorser, it still released that lucky pocket thing to earn the last round of Jerry fans' money? has stopped all the arrangement of purchasing Mia products for fans. Well done!

Date Posted: Feb 6

So ridiculous!
The above are the new Mia "Valentine" jewelry endorsed by Peter He. Check out the words on the pendants.
Please transfer the information to other Jerry fans, so they won't fall in the "trap".

According to a fan in TW, Liu Li Xin, earlier, when she bought something at a counter next to Mia's and when she peeked at Mia's counter, it still gave her a feeling that Jerry is still the main endorser, as Jerry's ad/pictures were still being displayed, but some products endorsed by Peter He were placed on one side. Very weird!

Feb 5 Updates

Thanks Selina15 for resizing and reuploading the clips for mamy and 0179 (page 2) for reuploading the clip for mamy.

Clips posted @

translated by

In the program Red Storm, a previous Comic Ritz receptionist now turned artiste exposed some interesting information about Jerry/F4. She mentioned when she was a receptionist at Comic Ritz in 2001/2002, she received at least 30-40 phone calls from fans about Jerry/F4 and several hundreds of letters per day. During the period of Jerry's falling from stage and frequently getting sick, she said that fans might call and cry for minutes accusing/complaining that Jerry was not treated appropriately by Comic Ritz, Jerry's not being given enough food to eat, Jerry's getting too thin, etc... When she went to work, she often saw dozen of fans waiting outside the front door of Comic's building knitting sweaters/scraves while they were waiting for Jerry/F4 everyday. In order to get Jerry's/F4's schedules from her, she was given drinks a lot. However, actually, although she had drunk a lot of drinks from fans, she didn't know about the schedules at all as she was just a receptionist. Then Du Xi Mei (the chubby girl who played in Spicy Teacher) said that once when she was filming with Jerry, and she saw a fan following Jerry every day and Jerry treated her nicely in return. Then one day, the fan held a drink in her hand and she licked the the opening where to put the straw(?). When Du was wondering why the fan didn't drink it nicely, she saw the fan give the drink to Jerry when he passed by. Since then, they don't drink any opened drinks brought by fans to the site any more.

Furthermore, the previous receptionist said that she helped open fans' letters for F4 as well. When they saw some gifts with the letters, they might just take them without asking. (I think it is common practice for staff to open fans' letters/gifts for artistes and to take fans' gifts. That's why she sounded with no guilt.) That's why they didn't need to buy any scarves in the winter. However, later, Jerry told his agent/assistant that he didn't want the receptionist and staff to open his letters/gifts any more, as gifts mentioned in the letters were missing. (He was the only who did that and we can understand why Comic's staff like to criticize him behind his back and to say that he is difficult.)

When asked who was the most popular when she worked in Comic Ritz, she said Jerry, and then ZZ. When asked who was the third, she said that Ken had slightly more letters than Vanness, and the guests were quite surprised. She further commented that Vanness was not that popular at that time. That's why the host hid behind the guest's chair, as she thought that the previous receptionist was really brave to say the above statement. Then the receptionist tried to make it up by saying then was then, now is now.

Jerry really cares his fans and appreciates their kind gesture of sending him gifts. Even though he may need to donate some gifts to the charity at the end, he treats fans' kindness with respect.

Feb 6, 2007

Posted by kkla @
Feb 6, 2007
Kin of posted when she planned to watch tv last night (Feb. 5), she got a phone call from her boyfriend telling her that he was playing basketball with Jerry. Therefore, she rushed to the park and found Jerry. When she arrived, she found Jerry resting on the side. Jerry wore a white kerchief?, light blue top, and black shorts. Kin commented that Jerry looks really really handsome, but he is too skinny. She didn't bother him but just watched him from the side. When it was Jerry's turn to play, he twisted his ankle. Then he walked to side with assistance and he said that it was due to not enough warm up exercises. A staff immediately bought some ice and put it on his leg/ankle. Jerry said that he was ok and he even joked with others, but he just sat on the side the whole time. Then she left early with her boyfriend at around 12 am. She further commented that Jerry looked very happy with high spirit, and he was very nice. He kept no distance from other non-star players at all.

More Updates on the identity of Guest/Guest too:

More Updates on the identity of Guest/Guest too:
Clue: both are using the same IP.
One is in Manila, other one is in Makati.

Sounds fun.

I got the Personal Details already and i am not revealing it for security purposes.

Thanks to my friend. You are the best!

Update on Guest/Guest too

I've contacted my internet service provider.
Asking to track down/identify those IP Addresses.

What's my next step? hmmmm

To Whom it May Concern

Dear Guest [] and
Guest too [] [whoever you are],

Thank you for your comment, really appreaciate it. i must cancel my tag board.For my personal reasons. If you hate me, leave me alone. Don't waste your time dropping by here anymore.

I can't edit my video, so if you think it's still wrong. Be it. Laugh=Curse if that what makes you happy. fine with me.

I am still a good person coz i'll be praying for your soul ... Take Care


I'm Stick With You MV

Credits to daomisyel @ Jerry Yan Philippines

A certain GUEST, posted at my blog in tagalog.
Saying, "wrong grammar" ... [i deleted her post in my tagboard, [1] afraid to identify herself [2] misconduct [she can tell it in a proper way, i guess]

NOTE: i copied the chorus part of Pussycat Dolls' StickwithU.
So, here's the complete lyrics of the song. To justify my work.

btw, as a fan ... i received a lot of "curses, stupid remarks, etc, etc" but it's ok ... i'm used to it. Nobody will stop me from loving Jerry and the rest of F4. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS...I know who you are ...

If you think, I am not good to you ... LEAVE ME ALONE ... or Just Die! haha!
Ohhh.. Oh Oh..

I don't wanna go another day
So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind
Seems like everybody is breaking up
And throwing their love away
But I know I got a good thing right here
That's why I say (Hey)

Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u

I don't wanna go another day
So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind
See the way we ride, in our private lives
Ain't nobody gettin' in between
I want you to know that, you're the only one for me (one for me)
(What I'm sayin' is)

Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u

And now, ain't nothing else I can need
And now, I'm singing 'cause you're so, so into me
I got you, we'll be making love endlessly
I'm with you (baby I'm with you)
Baby you're with me (baby you're with me, higher)

So don't cha worry about
People hanging around
They ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
And that's all that counts
So don't cha worry about
People hanging around
They ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
And that's, that's why I say (Hey)

Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u (come on)
You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u

Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u