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All About MIA Jewelry

All About MIA Jewelry

Date Posted: Jan 25

Sorry, Yami, just want to clarify something. 'Replaced' was just the word used by the reporter to create the conflict. Technically, on one hand, Peter Ho is chosen as the endorser for Valentine's Day only and his endorsement fee is only about NT$1 million. On the other hand, Jerry has not renewed the endorsement contract with Mia. When asked about whether Jerry's endorsement fee is too high, Mia denied. Well, this is not the first time Mia has done this. Remember after the first year, Mia used William Li, as his endorsement fee was much cheaper, but as the sales were not good, so Mia came back and asked Jerry to be the endorser again. Now Mia is doing it again. Well, please spread out the words. Before Jerry renews the contract with Mia, there is no need for us to buy any Mia products any more, not mentioning that its quality is really not up to the standard. It is very interesting. Ai Mi, who works at Mia, posted a message on saying that Peter Ho is not Mia's endorser. He was chosen to 'endorse' (kkla: although Ai Mi said that he is not Mia's endorser, but I think the word 'endorse' is still the most appropriate word.) Mia's Valentine Day products only because he will release his solo album soon... Well, that doesn't change anything. We only support the products endorsed by Jerry.

Please note that sales is definitely not a problem, as Mia indicates that the sales have exceeded NT$100 millions. I think changing endorser is ok, as no one can endorse for any one brand forever. However, like Mikayla said, can Mia do it more graciously? Furthermore, when Mia was arranging another person as its endorser, it still released that lucky pocket thing to earn the last round of Jerry fans' money? has stopped all the arrangement of purchasing Mia products for fans. Well done!

Date Posted: Feb 6

So ridiculous!
The above are the new Mia "Valentine" jewelry endorsed by Peter He. Check out the words on the pendants.
Please transfer the information to other Jerry fans, so they won't fall in the "trap".

According to a fan in TW, Liu Li Xin, earlier, when she bought something at a counter next to Mia's and when she peeked at Mia's counter, it still gave her a feeling that Jerry is still the main endorser, as Jerry's ad/pictures were still being displayed, but some products endorsed by Peter He were placed on one side. Very weird!

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