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< TV Program Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang>

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< TV Program Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang>
Popularity Predictions on Jerry

screencaps and posted by mamy of
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summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

In yesterday's telecast of "Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang" TV program, there was the Name and Surname expert Bo Yang as guest who predicted the degree of the various stars' hot popularity for this year.

Name and surname expert Bo Yang talking on his predictions on Jerry

His words on Jerry:

Yes, when we interpreted how much will be Jerry's fame this year of the pig, we saw THREE. His THREE FIRES can either increase or decrease. But this index of THREE FIRES is already pretty good, since the time and nature is quite long. However, his high popularity can drop rather fast. If it comes too short, he must strive hard to climb up....

So he would still have many opportunities this year. In making a serial for example, we can still create a connection of our outlook on how much is LZL's fame would be. Its also THREE....

The actor's career will depend on how well he planned it for this year.
if you want to download this 59-second video clip. please log in and ask here:
http://www.yancheng dispbbs.asp? boardid=49&id=64002

posted by fatty@asianfanatics
i have watched the clip. Jerry's score is 3, which the fortune teller said its good as its mid-range which means stability, his popularity will remains for a long time. for those artistes whose score is on the high end, which means fiery hot, it may not be good as too fiery hot in too short a time cld bring abt a drastic drop in popularity. for those artistes whose score is on the lower end, they will have to strive to work harder. for Jerry, he will have many opportunities to shine, for example, in acting & in creativity.

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