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At a poll voting for the Most Wanted to Date With ,Jerry Yan votes leads the charts

Jerry Yan, Sam Wang, and Wu Zun
overpowers Japan and Korea's handsome men

Source: United News Daily (Lian He Bao)
February 12, 2007
Summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

At a poll voting for the Most Wanted to Date With ,
Jerry Yan votes leads the charts

As Valentines Day comes near, who would fans choose as the Most Wanted to Date ? A media group held a two-week long " Most Wanted to Date for Valentines Day" poll voting, with two general divisions for male and female artists category, and where poll voting will end on Feb 13. To date, it has attracted over 20 million votes sent by fans for polling. Certified lady Killer Jerry Yan laugh.gif and SHE member Hebe is now leading, and eventually contending for the Dream Man and Woman for 2007 championship crown. Fans can update the latest results through the " Zhui Xing Survey Ofiice".

Intensely ompeting for the "Most Wanted to Date (Male Artists)" were the three widely- popular handsome men from the Taiwan, Japan and Korea. From the different handsome types who entered the top voting, its worth seeing that there was a mobilization of a strongly powerful block of fans for Taiwanese Idol Drama King Jerry Yan, Sam Wang (JK: from 5566) and Wu Zun (JK: from Fahrenheit) whoall came out with about 100,000 votes. It strongly leads like a search for Japanese and Korean Idol. Because of the Taiwanese local drama wave which helped in the increase of its popularity, this trend is evidently leading to a a "Taiwanese wave" gradually overpowering the "Korean wave" and the "Japanese invasion".

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