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Feb 5 Updates

Thanks Selina15 for resizing and reuploading the clips for mamy and 0179 (page 2) for reuploading the clip for mamy.

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In the program Red Storm, a previous Comic Ritz receptionist now turned artiste exposed some interesting information about Jerry/F4. She mentioned when she was a receptionist at Comic Ritz in 2001/2002, she received at least 30-40 phone calls from fans about Jerry/F4 and several hundreds of letters per day. During the period of Jerry's falling from stage and frequently getting sick, she said that fans might call and cry for minutes accusing/complaining that Jerry was not treated appropriately by Comic Ritz, Jerry's not being given enough food to eat, Jerry's getting too thin, etc... When she went to work, she often saw dozen of fans waiting outside the front door of Comic's building knitting sweaters/scraves while they were waiting for Jerry/F4 everyday. In order to get Jerry's/F4's schedules from her, she was given drinks a lot. However, actually, although she had drunk a lot of drinks from fans, she didn't know about the schedules at all as she was just a receptionist. Then Du Xi Mei (the chubby girl who played in Spicy Teacher) said that once when she was filming with Jerry, and she saw a fan following Jerry every day and Jerry treated her nicely in return. Then one day, the fan held a drink in her hand and she licked the the opening where to put the straw(?). When Du was wondering why the fan didn't drink it nicely, she saw the fan give the drink to Jerry when he passed by. Since then, they don't drink any opened drinks brought by fans to the site any more.

Furthermore, the previous receptionist said that she helped open fans' letters for F4 as well. When they saw some gifts with the letters, they might just take them without asking. (I think it is common practice for staff to open fans' letters/gifts for artistes and to take fans' gifts. That's why she sounded with no guilt.) That's why they didn't need to buy any scarves in the winter. However, later, Jerry told his agent/assistant that he didn't want the receptionist and staff to open his letters/gifts any more, as gifts mentioned in the letters were missing. (He was the only who did that and we can understand why Comic's staff like to criticize him behind his back and to say that he is difficult.)

When asked who was the most popular when she worked in Comic Ritz, she said Jerry, and then ZZ. When asked who was the third, she said that Ken had slightly more letters than Vanness, and the guests were quite surprised. She further commented that Vanness was not that popular at that time. That's why the host hid behind the guest's chair, as she thought that the previous receptionist was really brave to say the above statement. Then the receptionist tried to make it up by saying then was then, now is now.

Jerry really cares his fans and appreciates their kind gesture of sending him gifts. Even though he may need to donate some gifts to the charity at the end, he treats fans' kindness with respect.

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