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Feb 6, 2007

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Feb 6, 2007
Kin of posted when she planned to watch tv last night (Feb. 5), she got a phone call from her boyfriend telling her that he was playing basketball with Jerry. Therefore, she rushed to the park and found Jerry. When she arrived, she found Jerry resting on the side. Jerry wore a white kerchief?, light blue top, and black shorts. Kin commented that Jerry looks really really handsome, but he is too skinny. She didn't bother him but just watched him from the side. When it was Jerry's turn to play, he twisted his ankle. Then he walked to side with assistance and he said that it was due to not enough warm up exercises. A staff immediately bought some ice and put it on his leg/ankle. Jerry said that he was ok and he even joked with others, but he just sat on the side the whole time. Then she left early with her boyfriend at around 12 am. She further commented that Jerry looked very happy with high spirit, and he was very nice. He kept no distance from other non-star players at all.

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