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For today's Most Wanted to Date, Jerry Yan and Hebe won the crown

For today's Most Wanted to Date, Jerry Yan and Hebe won the crown

Source: United Daily News
February 14, 2007
Summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

Who is the Most Wanted to Date With for Valentine's Day? Based from Zhui Xing Survey Office poll results for who is the "Most Wanted Celebrity Date", where fans voted for all Taiwanese Idol Drama Kings as their top three favorite choices. Jerry Yan emerged as the champion, while Sam Wang and Wu Zun occupied the No.2 and No.3 ranks respectively. For the female category, the top 3 ranking are as follows :Hebe, Lin Zhi Ling and Pan Hui Ru.

The most received focus of attention is master lady killer Jerry Yan, garnering an overwhelming vote of more than 800,000 to rob the coveted crown; idol drama male favorite Sam Wang; and the soon-to-be flying to international fame Wu Zun. The vote count also started differently. and fans were not strongly influenced at all. The female category shifted to different types of beauties. The unique Hebe immediately landed in the voting lead, getting most of the fans' support. The graceful Lin Zhi Ling caught the second place, and Pan Hui Rui, who is soon to use her sexy image to be a famous star, got the nod of many male voters, and defeated many of the beauties to land in No.3. More of the results can be obtained from the UDN and Zhui Xing Survey Office website.

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