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HK Next Magazine (070228)

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HK Next Magazine (070228)
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis article mentioned that Jerry has signed a contract with Melvin Chua's agency for his business in Mainland China. It also reported that other than Jerry, Maggie Cheung and Shu Qi have also signed contracts with him for their edorsement business in Mainland China

According to some old information released by sina (thanks to Kolson), he is the one who decides the marketing/developing directions of LV, Dior, Chanel, Armani, TOD’S, Hugo Boss, and Jean Paul Gaultie in Mainland China. He has produced? some outstanding fashion shows in China. He is from the wealthiest family in Philippines. He has attended a party with Naomi Campbell. He has great connections in Mainland China and the fashion world.

It seems like he recently established an agency. A while ago, when it was reported that Katie Chen was helping Jerry, it mentioned that a big person was also behind it. Wonder whether this Melvin is that same person?

Interesting! (thanks to CRYSTAL) From an old Chinese news article about Bench's photo taking by the photographer from Singapore, Chuando, Melvin's name was also mentioned. The article mentioned that on that day, Ben Chan, Brian Lim Miguel Pastor, organizer Patrick Uy, Bench's Jojo Liamson and Stephen Sevilla, imenez-Basic Advertising's Don Sevilla, Patty Chou (Jerry's make-up artist), Kavin Lee (an editor of a HK magazine), and Melvin Chua were there.

More information collected by Jerry's fans on the web (thanks to milktea), Mr. Chua is also Ben Chan's PR in Mainland China.

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