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Jerry in Japan

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The following information was posted on Japanese bbs and blogs (saw that initially the information was posted by Dohmoto Kouichi's fans). Thanks to all the sisters who translated it.
1. Jerry was seen backstage before Ken's concert in Japan on Feb. 24
2. On Feb. 27, Jerry saw a musical Endless Shock by Kinki Kids' Dohmoto Kouichi in Japan and he was welcomed to the VIP room by the CEO? of Johnny's Entertainment. According to information, Jerry was seen and surrounded by fans at the exit when he left. He wore a cap on that day. Even the ones who didn't know him was amazed by his outstanding appearance and demeanour.

Jerry departed from Narita International Airport on Feb. 28.

Jerry Seen in Tokyo Japan

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thanks to Yu Da Da for translating in Chinese
summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

Source: Tokyo bbs (forum site) --

On the 28th, received the following very shocking email from a friend:

At the Shock stage production in Toho Theater, the Taiwan's Dao Ming Si came

He was wearing a black cap with light eggplant-colored shirt and baggy pants. His hat was very much pushed down, hiding his eyes as he walked head down.

Jerry walked through the front entrance, quickly responding to people who asked for handshake.
He sat at the balcony, row A seat No. 26. Beside him is probably his manager (should be his assistant) and in the other side is a translator.
He kept still and quiet not to arouse attention but during intermissions, and because he came late, many people then started to surround him.
He only walked in and out after the intermissions when the lights went off.
Actually during the intermission, he went to the VIP room together with Mr. Xi Duo Chuan

When he was about to leave, commotion followed and the staff loudly scolded the fans, so only one got his autograph.

Because he was in the first row middle front seat of the balcony reserved for celebrities, his "unusually handsome" appearance could be easily seen, so everyone became curious on who that man was and sank in confusion
However, not many people there knew him
Could it be that Jerry specially came to Japan just to watch SHOCK? ^-^

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