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Jerry Yan! Sincere and Great Risks

Jerry Yan! Sincere and Great Risks

Scanned by weiwei of Jerry's Harbor
transcribed by Zi Lin Xu Xu

summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

violet-colored box inset:

"To smile or not to smile? Should this be a problem for an actor? But for Jerry, this could almost fall him apart. If he comes out with too much smiles, squeeze them to come out, or pretend it to come out, then those cant be blamed on Jerry, because his smiles are rather precious. However, the world is not ideal, so he tries hard to change. This why for the past few years he has endured many sadness, suffered many misgivings, and had painful thoughts that made him thin. The bitter punishment of a monk-like life makes people play jokes at him and also feel worried for him. However, he had always been this "real" that supported his pains for an even more beauty and mystery. Perhaps his "realness" has long been his strong character, and will stay to him even if his physical body already fades. "

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