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Jerry's interview in a Thai magazine,"Praew"

Jerry's interview in a Thai magazine,"Praew"

translated to Chinese by Baiya of
translated to English by Jerry's Kingdom

From the latest magazine on sale in Thailand,"Praew". There is an exclusive interview of Jerry inside. The reporter had an opportunity to interview Jerry at the hotel during his trip in Thailand for the world vision campaign last year.

Q: Have you ever been broken-hearted?

Jerry: ...[he told about the time when he was still in the military...] In courting, I don't have enough courage. When I still was a student then, I usually kept my love to a person secretly. When I once went to Japan, I saw a young girl. I thought she was really very pretty. However, I don't have the guts. After thinking I then returned again but she is nowhere to be found. Now, I just need a person whom I can talk to, who can understand me, makes me happy when I follow her around, and live happily. That would be enough for me.

Q: Have you found that person now?

Jerry : I HAVE... [at this point, we changed the topic, because this question is dangerous]


PENNY: His answer "I HAVE "??" seems a bit strange. It becomes a big discussion on Thai webboards. What do you think?

JK: He should have answered with his tag line "Dui a" (That's Right) instead of "you" (I HAVE)

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