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The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards - What a SURPRISE!!!

What a SURPRISE!!!

The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards

A while ago, i was NOT in the mood coz of the "reposting" issue.
Then, somebody from Philippine Blog Awards sent an email ... and Congratulating as one of their nominees

I thought they were just joking. but when i visit the site ...
category: ENTERTAINMENT also visit .... Special Awards List [winks]

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

woaaaah it's definitely true.

Congratulations to all Jerry Yan Fans who shared their works [news, pictures, clips] ... I am so proud of you. Doesn't matter if we win ... the most important thing is ... WE ARE RECOGNIZED! and it's an HONOR ;p

I dedicate this blog to all Jerry Yan Fans not only here in the Philippines but All over the World

Keep on Supporting Jerry Yan!

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