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About F4's Five Years Glorious Collection

Posted by Ate Norie of Jerry Yan Philippines

I checked the packaging of F4's 360 deg glorious album [MEGAMALL] and this is the same packaging sold in Japan. This is really a good buy! Imagine P2,900 for 2 dvds mvs and behind the scenes of their previous series and 2 cds audio, albums contains cut from their individual album and other F4 songs, 2007 F4 desk calendar F4 pictures from their tv series,1 F4 poster, 1 photobook containing F4 pictures from 2000 to 2005 and 1 black photobooklet containing F4 biograhies and accomplishments of F4 for5 years. This is the cheapest price compared to Japan priced atP6,000 and Taiwan priced at P4,200.

So get your copies now!!!!

It's placed in a white box and contents can be seen on top of the box. It looks like a wedding album to me, really big and heavy, he he he.

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