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Apple Daily, March 24

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Note: This is only with the help of the translation of my computer
not that accurate. Let us wait for more reliable translation, ok?
The article was about LZL and his intimate relationship
with the son of one of the richest family in Taiwan, and that Jerry didn't
know about it because he doesn't read news paper that much.
It was also reported that Jerry is attending Japanese class.
Also, the F4 went sightseeing around Taiwan for their tourism
project the other day. Billy said, Jerry admire the Japanese performance.

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Just some addition to the Apple Daily News. It seems that Jerry dont bother to read abt showbiz gossips & rumours , so he didnt know abt the recent rumours of Ms with Scott Qiu & Ms Lin with Terry Guo. So Jerry asked Billy what's going on.
Also, that Jerry really wanted to attend Ayumi Hamasaki's concert. (fatty2: saw e-news that day of Ayumi's arrival in Tw, plus her staffs & bodyguards, it came to abt 100plus ppl - its seems top Korean & Japanese artiste must always travel with big entourage to show their power). But Jerry was not able to attend due to some family problem. Instead he was at home watching Madonna's concert dvd.
And that for the 4/22 F4 fan sessions, Jerry is busy learning up his Japanese

Another translation
credits to

According to today's TW Apple Daily (Mar 24), it was reported regarding the recent gossips between Ms. Lin, Mr. Qiu, and Mr. Guo, as Jerry rarely reads entertainment news, he didn't just have no comments, he even asked, "What was that about?" It was also reported that Jerry was looking forward to learning from Ayumi Hamasaki's concert in TW. However, Jerry's agent consultant, Billy, indicates that Jerry has promised his family to deal with some family matters first, so he needs to give up the concert, but he hopes to perform with Ayumi in Japan one day and to become Hua Liu's pride.

Recently, Jerry is busy at taking Japanese classes, as he plans to give fans suprises at the meet session on April 22. Two days ago, F4 finalized the costume fitting for Tourism Bureau's commercial and they will unite again for promoting TW's tourism. Billy also indicates, Jerry really admires Japanese artists' professional performance that he has been looking forward to Ayumi's concert for so long, but due to some family matters, he is not able to attend, therefore, he can only watch Madonna's concert dvd repeatedly at home and do homework.

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