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Center of Attention on First Visit to Seoul, Vanness Wu hopes to work with Kwon Sang Wo

Center of Attention on First Visit to Seoul
Vanness Wu hopes to work with Kwon Sang Wo

March 11, 2007
translated by kym of

As Ambassadors for the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, F4 held a press conference yesterday afternoon. In this first F4 visit to Korea, Jerry Yen, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Zhou received great media attention.

Vanness Wu had leg injuries but bore with the pain to make the trip. As his partnering with Kang Ta is quite well-known in Korea, Vanness was the centre of attention. In disclosing his ambitions in performing, he said that he hopes to act with Kwon Sang Wo and Seung Beom Ryu.

Jerry Yen expressed that he really hopes to work with Ho Jung Kim. The Korean media was won over by F4’s humble and friendly attitude.

Their rise as Asia’s Idol Group was based on the Taiwan serial ‘Meteor Garden’. Due to their individual developments recently, their group activities have been dismal and their popularity is not comparable to before. Yet they still have numerous ardent fans from Japan and Korea. This coming together as ambassadors for the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan is not only for promotional commercials as they will gather for other activities as well.

Jerry Yen and Lan Ching Lung
Cool Guys under Same Agent

Jerry Yen and Lan Ching Lung might look like they are nothing in common but they were both spotted by Zhang Xiao Yan. During a certain Golden Melody Ceremony, they handed her the award. Later they acted in ‘Ma La Xian Shi’ and ‘Meteor Garden’. Recently Jerry Yen and Lan Ching Lung worked with the same agent, Billy, making both the idols under the same ‘company’. There were no uneasiness at all though Lan Ching Lung’s ex-girlfriend is now dating F4’s Zai Zai.

Since Jerry Yen set up his own StarJerry Company and a few agents have managed him previously. His latest collaborator is Lan Ching Lung’s agent, Billy. Lan Ching Lung and Jerry Yen have been misunderstood and criticized by the media for pulling a long face or being arrogant.

After his spilt from Big S, Lan Ching Lung ‘met’ the media in Shanghai. He escaped the reporters by hiding in the lavatory. In anger, they wrote that he ‘fled along with his bowels.’ But his agent, Billy is very worldly-wise, for the past two years he taught and influenced Lan Ching Lung to gradually ‘let-go’. At a recent Nan Hai interview, he even told off-colored jokes to press and did not avoid any questions about Big S anymore.

Billy said of Jerry Yen, ‘He likes to cry and is afraid that others would tease about his weakness. I said to him that I like to cry too and I encouraged him not to suppress himself. If he wants to cry then he should just cry.’ Jerry Yen is seen as a ‘forever Peter Pan’ and one who always thinks too much. To this, Billy explained that the benefits to be reaped from him is enormous, many eye him as ‘a piece of juicy meat’ so definitely it is understandable that he has to be exceptional careful

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