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China tv in 2007

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Its a very long China article abt China tv in 2007, touching on locally produced tv serial, TVB serials from HK & there's one part that talks abt products from Tw. The Hospital was mentioned, it was written that The Hospital which was shown in Tw in 8/06 has caused great reactions from the younger set of viewers there . & that TH is currently being reviewed by the State Radio & TV Board.
(fatty2: hopefully TH can be shown on China tv station in 2007, it touches on a controversial subject of corrupt & unethical doctors & China has strict regulations on sensitive topics).

& another part mentioned a Mr Cheung whose a well known tv & radio reporter. he was invited to Korea in 8/06 as one of the judges for the 1st Korean tv drama award held there. he said Yan Cheng Xu of Taiwan was there & he was welcomed enthusiastically by his fans. Mr Cheung said he was greatly surprised by Jerry's popularity in Korea.

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