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Dong Fang Zao Bao (Mainland China), March 2, 2007

Source: Dong Fang Zao Bao (Mainland China), March 2, 2007 to a1958
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According to this news article, after Jerry established StarJerry, in order to develop his career, he tries to cooperate with different local agencies. For instance, Faye Wong's agent, Katie Chen, will be responsible for his business in HK and overseas markets. Regarding his endorsement business in Mainland China, Jerry has found the owner of Ying Shang Advertising, Chua Wei Zhi (Melvin Chua), the godfather of fashion in Shanghai, who is very famous in the fashion and public relations business in Shanghai. Yesterday, this reporter called Jiang Yi Peng to confirm the information. Jiang confirmed that both sides have established a working relationship, but no contract has been signed. Jerry and Melvin Chua had very good working experiences three years ago when endorsing for Bench, with Melvin Chua's great connections in Mainland China, they have reached the agreement after just one meeting in America

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