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F3 Returns to Taiwan after Tourism Promotion

China Times

F3 Returns to Taiwan after Tourism Promotion
Jerry Yen was All-Smiles with New Image
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As the Spokesmen for the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, F3 returns yesterday afternoon ending a 5-day Japan and Korean Promotional trip.

With astounding responses from Japan and Korea, F4 even had the media momentarily reduced to ‘frantic fans’. During an exclusive interview, a Korean female host was ecstatic. She greeted F4 with such a ‘high decibel’ enthusiasm that she shocked F4 and grabbed Vanness Wu asking, ‘Remember me?’ F4 agrees in unison that Japanese fans are more demure and tails them throughout whilst the Koreans fans are more passionate and screams of ‘F4’ abound everywhere they went. A crowd of fans sent them off at the Airport but had a row with security as they attempted to cross the security boundaries.

In promoting Taiwan’s Tourism, F4 did 8 and 10 exclusive interviews in Japan and Korea respectively. As the schedule was very hectic, all the questions were very similar. The most asked of F4 was, ‘Where is the most enjoyable place in Taiwan?’ They effectively replied to the questions by taking turns to answer saving time and energy. It was already 9 pm when all came to an end. Ken Chu and Zai Zai went for the Celebratory Gathering, Vanness left the group to look up friends whilst Jerry Yen was too tired and returned to the hotel.

Everyone felt that Zai Zai appears thinner with his short hair. He frankly admitted that he did lose some weight due to the death of Xu Wei Lun and the media’s unfair handling. As to whether his hair cut off as a sign of mourning? He responded, ‘I had wanted to cut it off some time back as long hair is very troublesome. But I was shooting ‘Mei Wei Guan Xi’ so I couldn’t and that is why I immediately cut it off when filming wrapped.

Vanness Wu flew to Africa via Hong Kong when work concluded in Korea yesterday. He will be volunteering with Charlie Yeung for the Children’s Foundation. As F3 approached the gates, Jerry Yen was wearing his baseball cap with the hood of his sweater pulled over, he joked that it is his ‘new image’. Divulging through his agent, Billy, he cleared up Japanese media’s reports of his aloofness during the press conference. In truth, he did not smile as he was not able to because of the tremendous pressure.

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